Disturbing New Findings Show Adam Lanza's Interest in Pedophilia

adam lanzaDisturbing new evidence has come to light about Adam Lanza. According to a State Police report on the Newtown shooting that was released last month, Lanza kept documents on his hard drive that suggest an interest in pedophilia. Among these files was a screenplay, Lovebound, that describes the relationship between a 30-year-old man and a 10-year-old boy. There are also documents that show Lanza's support of "pedophiles' rights and the liberation of children." It's also come to light that Lanza had told a friend that pedophilia was "a disease that needed to be treated and not looked at as evil."

Additionally, Lanza appeared in a now-defunct online forum, "Shocked and Beyond," which was centered around on mass shootings after Columbine, under the name Smiggles. He posted that children are duped by "culturapists" and "carried to other worlds in the stream of semen." Another poster responded to Lanza's post with the message, "Doesn’t anybody else notice that Smiggles sometimes sends huge 'I AM A PEDOPHILE' signals?"

There is still no definitive evidence that shows Lanza was a pedophile, but the findings certainly suggest a serious internal conflict he had prior to the Sandy Hook massacre. "Certainly, there isn't enough evidence to come to a firm conclusion," said Dr. Fred Berlin, director of the sexual behaviors consultation unit at Johns Hopkins University, "but it sounds like he was conflicted about these issues. It's possible he had an attraction (to children) or he knew people who had them and he was trying to sort it out. But it's still a long way from explaining what he did."

What do you think of this?

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Sarah... SarahHall58

This kid needed so much help. I don't understand how all of these signs and symptoms were overlooked.

the4m... the4mutts

Or maybe he was molested/raped?

Still no excuse for his actions. Period.

But if we're on the topic of "what ifs", the idea that he may have been systematically abused is just as valid as the idea that he was a pedo.

alexxxxx alexxxxx

This is a string of grasping-at-straws speculation.

Vanessa Fasanella

Sounds like he had been targeted and abused by a pedophile and then was trying to make it normal by saying he was okay with it. How many people failed this young man?

Kelly... KellyNips

it sounds like he was sexually abused as a child and he was interesting on finding out why it happened.  the shooting could have been his way of releasing his anger because of the abuse.  or perhaps he thought all kids are being abused and it was his way of helping the kids not get abused.  either way, the kid was crying out for help and was ignored and innocent children/people paid the ultimate price.

xxshe... xxshelbyxxx

This is such bullshit! How can no one else see that the government keeps adding more and more and more random tidbits of information about this kid that weren't there before!?! How'd it take them 14 months to find this very-easy-to-find piece of information!?! This is BULL. A lie! They just wanna keep making him look worse and worse and worse. We already know he's a psycho! BUT the gov knows most people don't buy the original explanation of the story therefore they need to add as much fuel to the fire as possible so that we non-believers aren't so unbelieving.

nonmember avatar Hooter

Shelby - Law enforcement knew about Adam Lanza's online activities for a long time. Just because they didn't IMMEDIATELY inform the public that he posted on internet chat rooms/online forums doesn't mean squat. The government and law enforcement are not required to disclose EVERYTHING a criminal does or did prior to committing a crime as soon as they learn of it.

Barry Hirsh

Glaringly absent in this article is the black-letter acknowledgement that he was a HOMOSEXUAL pedophile.

Now, *ahek*, WHY was that "overlooked"?

Pamela Valemont

Forensic Numerological Criminal Profile of Adam Lanza: I have just seen a picture on the Internet of Adam Lanza at one year of age or possibly younger, playing with a real gun, surrounded by an arsenal of weapons. His Dad now says he wishes he had never been born. I am sure Adam also wishes this now, in retrospect, that he had never been born, certainly not into that family. They, the crazy gun culture of America to which they ascribed and contributed, combined with the absence of tight gun laws in the USA are entirely responsible for this incredibly cruel tragedy. There is no psychological test that can adequately safeguard the community against such a crazed gunman, and no way of knowing when they will strike, where, or at whom. The only answer is to ban the guns out of the hands of the general populace, especially heavyweight military hardware, for whom such guns were not designed in the first place.

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