Prince Harry & Cressida Bonas Caught on Secret Date

Prince HarryI was feeling pretty badly for Prince Harry after rumors spread like wildfire that things were donezo with girlfriend Cressida Bonas when the couple spent both Christmas and New Year's Eve apart. But then I saw this handsome new photo of Prince Harry sans that scruffy beard he grew on his trek in Antarctica, and MAN -- this man must be feelin' on top of the world right now. How could he not?! He looks like a handsome new man, a refreshed man, a man that's NOT worried about being lost in love.

You know how I know he's really on top of the world? Well, Harry was spotted with Cressida Monday night, pre-the big shave, squashing these breakup rumors once and for all. The duo enjoyed some eats at a popular burger spot only a few blocks from Harry's bachelor pad at Kensington Palace.

Could it be that he's cleaning up his act to impress his ladyfriend? Could it be that a clean-shaven Prince Harry is the only Harry that Cressida can see herself with long-term?

Ha! While I highly doubt that's the reason these two are rekindling their romance, I think there are probably a whole slew of women who can relate to that. Beards and facial hair can be sexy for sure, but sometimes in the winter, these men just let things get a bit too out of control.

But hey, that's just my two cents.

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Regardless, Harry and Cressida keep doing this. They go out in public a bunch, the media craves more, stories come out that Harry's going to propose, and then things dissipate. It's gotta be hard, having everyone following your every move. But if Cressida can't handle the hype now, then she certainly won't be able to have a future with Harry. We all saw the royal wedding bonanza. We saw the royal birth that rocked the world. If Harry and Cressida are going to make this work -- she'll have to be okay with all this attention.

Do you like Prince Harry and Cressida together?


Image via Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty

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nonmember avatar Jane LaPierre

No, I liked Harry with Chelsey !!!

Lynn Coleman

shes very pretty,but i see them more as a andrew and a fergie,not that i have anything against them,they look good together but in the long future i have my doubts,

Connie Duignan

she is totally not good enough for him...don't rush Harry..lots of time...lots of women...not young girls!!!

M Tricia Lee

Personally, I think Harry should end up with Hayley O'Brien and create a marriage alliance between the United States and England, but it's just not my life, it's Harry's life and Harry's choice.

James Patrick Saint

From James Patrick Saint. Perhaps I'm wrong, but if a guy wants to spend both Christmas and New Year's Eve away from somebody, it's the first sign that he's having cold feet about marriage and the marriage won't work out. Maybe he should keep looking and listen to the genius of M. Tricia Lee and date the American girl,
Hayley O'Brien.

Holly Go Lightly

From Holly G. Poor Harry, he has so many different people pulling on him and tugging on him...'tis a shame for me, though, shame, that he didn't give Hayley O'Brien, the descendant of Brian Boru, King of Ireland, a chance with him. 'Tis a shame.

Patricia Bunn


Kam Fung

No, I think Chelsy Davy would be better suited for him than Cressida. With Cressida's family history marked with so many divorces, I'm just afraid that if they marry, it'll end up like Prince Andrew and Fergie's. And Prince Harry is so much more popular than Prince Andrew because of Princess Diana, the press will have a field day laying out their dirty laundry.

Patricia Bunn

Leave them alone,i think they look great together,so back of.xx

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