Not Again! Cold & Frosty Polar Vortex to Return Across U.S.

polar vortex on window

Enjoying those warmer temperatures, are you? Well enjoy them real good because it looks like another arctic blast is on the way just two weeks after the last one. Some forecasters are calling it the influences of the "Polar Vortex" again. But the latest prediction isn't supposed to be as bad as extreme as the last time. In a way that's like saying one of your childbirth experiences wasn't as bad as the other. They still both hurt a lot!

Temperatures will likely hover around the zero mark in many places, but won't reach the record-breaking lows we experienced the first week in January. In other words, it's still going to be cold so get the scrapers and the earmuffs ready.

Here's when the deepest of the deep freeze is predicted to hit and where. It will start to feel a lot colder than it is right now in these areas a few days before the extreme teeth-shattering temperatures hit:

Monday: Waves of progressively colder air will move south across Canada starting Monday in the first push of cold air.

Wednesday: The cold will hit the southern Canada Prairies and the northern plains states.

Thursday: The Midwest will feel the big freeze.

Friday: North Central States including the Ohio Valley and Appalachias gets their turn.

Saturday: Bundle up, East Coast!

Of course, there's always a chance a storm could spin up in the process, making things even more interesting! It is only the 23rd day of winter, after all, people.

Are you a winter person? Or a summer, spring or fall person?


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nonmember avatar candice

I don't really understand all of the complaining about the "polar vortex" temperatures. I understand that these people must not be used to such cold weather, but I live in a northern town where winter temperatures regularly reach -35oC without windchill. We still go about our business just fine. Driving, walking, working outdoors, even. Many tradespeople work 12+ hours outdoors when temperatures are lower than -20oC. Children still go outside for recess. I just don't understand why these temperatures are causing so many problems.

Em Chappell-Root

Because for you Candice, that's normal. It is not where I live (SC) and prolonged extreme cold snaps are exceptionally rare. It is not cost effective for our area to keep the amount of winter weather removal equipment (deicing trucks for the roads, etc) on hand to deal with this, and people are not prepared or educated on how to deal with them. It's the same reason we shut down for a half an inch of snow, we get that much about once every other year, on average, so what's the point in paying tens of thousands of dollars for equipment that may be used one day a year? Our homes are not insulated the same way as yours, and while you may take it for granted, this is a truly dangerous, killing cold,  and for those not used to dealing with it regularly it can pose a real danger. 

Krystian Kaufold

No Em, it's not dangerous, it's called learn how to deal with it. The world is changing, and so is the climit, which means you need to learn how to adapt.

I live in PA, so temps at any point of winter, temps can get below zero, and they close schools because of it. Which is bull. 

Get over it. 

Todd Vrancic

Exactly, Em.  If you live in an area where it routinely gets that cold, it sounds like "Business as Usual."  But when you live in an area where that type of cold is rare, it tends to catch people unprepared.  Even you, Candice, would not contemplate going out in negative-0 degree temperatures wearing only a sweater for long, but in more temperate areas, people don't generally have the gear to cope with that type of cold.

Robcat21 Robcat21

No, Krystian, Em was right. It is called dangerous. People, particularly the elderly and homeless, die in these types of temperatures. Maybe you should tell them to get over it. And the word is "climate", not climit.

nonmember avatar Brena

Imagine it this way, if it got 110 degrees (not counting the heat index), the people up north would have a ton of trouble coping. Their kids would be inside in the air, elderly would die because they aren't use to the heat, and massive power outages.

Same concept for the South with extreme cold. We aren't used to this weather! It's an extremely cold day at just 15 degrees here. So our bodies aren't used to the tempature.

nonmember avatar Nikki

I love all seasons. I'm a person who is although getting tired of the phrase polar vortex. Oy. It's weather and we've had it since the dawning of time and yes for those around 30 and younger this weather isn't 'normal'. For those over that age, especially my fil's generation it is. Go through history. It happened an awful lot. Out here in Wyoming there was a ground blizzard with frigid temps just like now that lasted for 2 weeks straight. I'm going to insert sarcasm here, how did civilization ever survive this long?!

How did the Native Americans survive winters on teepees and wigwam huts? Or pioneers in sod homes??

nonmember avatar abcde

KRYSTIAN KUNTFOLD -- why is diarrhea always flowing out of your mouth ??

nonmember avatar Nikki

Actually those of us in the north get hot too. Our heat + few point and humidity was rivaling the rainforest. We survived just fine

Krystian Kaufold


And like Nikki said.......

The people in north can actually get hotter then the south. It can get up to 110+....and we survive and don't freak out.

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