Man Killed In Random Act of Road Rage Over Minor & Common Driving Mistake

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Police this morning are looking for the driver of a dark pickup truck who they suspect stalked and eventually shot dead a 28-year-old man in a random road rage incident. Yet another story that makes you paranoid to tick off anyone while you are out there on the road, especially since it's not long after that horrible motorcycle gang SUV attack in New York City late last year. Police think this incident in Pennsylvania started over one of the drivers braking too quickly or cutting the other off.

The victim, 28-year-old Timothy "Asti" Davison, was driving from Florida back home to Poland, Maine. His first 9-1-1 call to report a crazed, aggressive driver in a black or blue Ford Ranger style pickup happened in Antrim County, Pennsylvania, after the driver starting firing on Davison.

He drove about 15 miles before the mystery truck rammed him off the road and into the median -- you can see Davison's Mitsubishi stuck in the median in the image above just moments before he was shot.

Police say the vehicle they are looking for will have damage on the driver's side, probably silver paint. Davison was brought to a local hospital, where he died several hours later.

It's hard to make sense of such a useless tragedy, especially when you learn what a gentle person Davison was. His mother told a local paper:

Overall, the best way to describe him is a caring and very generous person whom everyone loved. He had a very positive attitude about living life in the present. He was a hard worker who would give the shirt off his back for anyone in need.

Until they find the driver we won't know which driver triggered the chain of events, or if the two men were connected in some other way -- it appears they did not know each other at all. So far no witnesses have come forward. Maybe you remember seeing something? This lunatic is still on the road and someone has to get him off of it.

Image via Pennsyvania Department of Transportation

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hobeau hobeau

My SIL is from Poland, ME and went to school with him. He was known as 'Austie' to his friends. So tragic.

nonmember avatar Kelsey

This article is actually all wrong. The incident happened less than 2 miles from my house. The police stated that they believe the victim did nothing to provoke it. The chase started in Maryland, not PA. He was not shot in Antrim county, it was Franklin County. It also happened around 2:15 in the morning, not in daylight as your picture shows. Please get your facts straight before you write something. It is beyond sensitive and scary around this area as it is now. We come from an area with minor crime, and this tragedy has the community on pins and needles. Cops suspect that it will happen again, as it was premeditated. Pray for the victim's family and for the safety of others. 

nonmember avatar My name

Thank you ladies for clearing that up. I read the article twice trying to find out the minor and common mistake he did that cost him his life. My sympathies to his family and friends. And I hope they catch this creep soon!

hopea... hopealways4019

I live in Pennsylvania.. I read about this story weeks ago. It really bothered me.. This could have been me or my love one. If this was random? Its so senseless and tragic.. Scary also. I hope they catch the person or persons responsible. They Need to be locked up forever or sentence to death. If they randomly killed this innocent man.

Hyman Hyman

Why did cops not get to him for help if he called as the story says ... And drive 15 miles. That's a long time for police to not get there.

nonmember avatar Marylander

Kelsey has it all correct!! I, too, live about 10 minutes away from where this happened. They said he did not provoke anything and it started in Maryland. The crap part about this whole thing is that while in the middle of the phone call with Maryland State Police, they put the victim on hold to transfer to the PA state police since jurisdiction changed. REALLY??? That's the messed up part to me. While finding out later that MD was on the line with PA, the police department in Hagerstown is right along 81N and should have gone out. I haven't heard exactly where it started but I see a lot of things wrong that this poor young guy could have been saved!!!

Cynth... CynthiaAvi

I was driving from Maine and happened to be driving thro Hagerstown, MD and then Roanoke on I-81 that morning, not realising another Mainer had met some trouble earlier.

It was more like people were cutting me off, as I was driving below 65 mph frustrating drivers behind me. I must have been pretty lucky not having the perpetrator as one of the frustrated party.

Zoeberry Zoeberry

I just love it (not) when a person responds to the article because they live close by to the incident and try to make this all about them and not the poor victim.

dswope25 dswope25

I have to comment cause I live really close to were that happens... :)

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