Missing Baby Last Seen When Mom Reportedly Left Her Home With Toddler

aniston walkerFew stories are as hard to read as those of missing children. Your heart can't help but go out to the parents waiting to hear that their child has been found. But it's hard to summon much sympathy for the mom of missing Tennessee baby Aniston Walker. The 7-week-old disappeared on Thursday and has yet to be found.

But her mother, 33-year-old Andrea Walker, is already in trouble with the cops. She's been charged with two counts of aggravated child abuse and two counts of aggravated child neglect or endangerment.

According to cops, Walker took her 5-year-old to school on Thursday, but left 7-week-old Aniston and her 3-year-old home when she did it! Then, when she came home to find Aniston missing, cops allege the mom went out looking for her ... and left the 3-year-old home alone again!

I'm not going to say she deserved for her child to go missing, but the possibility had to have crossed her mind?!

You don't leave a 7-week-old OR a 3-year-old home alone. There are a hundred different "what ifs" running through my head right now, and all of them end with the answer: those kids are too young to help themselves.

What if a fire broke out? What if the toddler turned on the water and the baby started to drown? What if one or both fell down the stairs? What if. What if. What if.

I hope Aniston is OK, and I'd never wish a missing child on anyone ... but I have to say I'm glad cops have hauled her mom in on charges. Being a victim of a crime doesn't give you a pass on committing them, especially not when kids' lives are at stake.

What should be done with Walker?


Image via police

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sterl... sterling21

She is really a piece of work! If I were the police dealing with the case, I would be suspicious of murder. Something probably did happen to the baby while she was gone, and is making up the kidnapping.

Heath... HeatherMazzone

Figuring out what that title was trying to say gave me a headache. Adding a simple "a" would have helped. = Home with A toddler.

magen... magenta8200

She obviously killed the baby and is making up the story.

nonmember avatar Jjenet

Sorry to burst your bubble but the baby was only 7 weeks old not 7 month like your story states..

the4m... the4mutts

Sorry to say, that the baby is probably dead. If she didnt directly kill the poor baby, then it died on accident while being left alone, or was injured by the 3 yr old.

They need to start looking for a body.

April... Aprilbaby14

So wicked someone knows somthing aw mann poor babyboy I hope and pray he is alright and alive very innocent. Give her a sentence she isn't a fit mom two counts of child neglect oo noo yeah she deserves what she gets

jfunk jfunk

Fyi....The cops have suspended the search for the baby. Nothing was found by the cadaver dogs.

nonmember avatar Erica

Get facts. The baby is 7 weeks old. Not 7 months old. This happened about 70 miles from where I live.

Chelsea Hawkins

Are they sure the toddler didn't hide the infant? I can see a 3 year old trying to hide a 7 week old it is jealous of. Poor baby! :( 

nonmember avatar Mary ann

This woman needs help! Her children need protection.

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