Kate Middleton Slammed as One of the 'Laziest' Royals

kate middletonNo matter how beloved Kate Middleton may be by countless loyal royal followers all around the world, there will be those who feel the need to tear her and Prince William down. In fact, it seems like the bigger her public profile gets, the more ripping of the Duchess we're seeing. The latest: Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet has published a list of the most active to the "laziest" royals in Europe, taking into account all official appointments between January and December 2013. And while Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth made #1 and #2 on the list -- with 189 and 181 appointments respectively -- the Duchess of Cambridge came in at #13, with just 35. Eek! (Meanwhile, Prince William made the #12 spot with 46 appointments.)

While it definitely looks less than ideal when compared to her father-in-law and the Queen, I feel like this sort of ranking and comparison is downright unfair and ridiculous.

Does no one recall that she was pregnant, giving birth to an heir, and then recovering this year? And yet she still made a point to get out there and participate in many charity-driven events for the groups she's the Patron of. As for Prince William, he was on active duty in the RAF for much of the year.

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What's more, no one should expect Kate to be out there in the same way and at the same level as experienced, seasoned royals like Prince Charles, the Queen, even Camilla, etc. Not only does she have different priorities now like raising Prince George, but she's just ... well, new. I'm sure as time goes on, she'll accumulate additional commitments that rival those who made the top of this list. But in the meantime, nothing about the hard-working Duchess should say "lazy" to us.

What do you think about this list? Do you think "Waity Katie" has become "Lazy Katie"?


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Sue Joyce

It was bound to happen sooner or later! Many just can not stand to see someone beautiful and nice and doing well!

Anne Hourigan

Absolutely not, jealousy is a dangerous disease.

Krystian Kaufold

I'm over hearingi about her. 

Do you think the stir can make it a resolution not to hog up the feeds with the princess/50 shades/kardashins??????

Krystian Kaufold

Oh and enough with the entire Kristen STewart/Robert Patterinson bs as well....

waity... waitykate

What a sycophant article.Middleton has a nanny and staff, and was photographed jumping around on wedgies soon after George's birth, playing volleyball. She's doing fine - she's just work-shy and has always been. She's never had a job for any length of time at all. The PR about working for her mother's mail order company is a joke. Even the Queen asked why Middleton had no job while Middleton's life was passing her by for nearly a decade, while she did nothing but WAIT for William to propose. That's why she was titled "Waity Kate". Even the Queen wondered what was wrong with her.

It's not as if showing up somewhere to smile and wave is actually WORK anyway. And William quit his job with the RAF months ago.

Yes, the article literally stated that Middleton and William as well are almost at the bottom of the compiled list, very low level of public duty. No reason for that except they are lazy. Middleton was a royal for over a YEAR before George was born...did she try to do all the public service she could during that time ?  No. In fact "hardly" !   So lets stop with the poor pitiful Middleton stories, "had a baby", boo hoo.  So was she pregnant and giving birth for what, the past 2 and half years then ???

William's 65 year old father is outdoing him and Middleton.

Nelli... NellieAthome

So tell me waiteykate why do you dislike this woman so much?  Jealous her family made enough money she did not have to hod a full time job unless she wanted to?  Envy of their wealth? Jealous because she is pretty? Envy of her ability to see what she wanted and hold to the path until she could marry the man she wanted?

Do you have so little positive in your life that the best you can do to amuse yourself is to insult someone who has never harmed you?

Jeff Cole

All the Royals are is a load on the British people and create jobs by having people pamper and wait on their asses. When you never do anything all day how do you know when to quit? They are programmed to be lazy loads on society!

amber... amberdotsmom

I don't see how this would be a fair study-forget that it's the "royal" Will and Kate. Will was still in the military for much of the time they looked at - if you had an employee in the National Guard who was called up for six months would you dock him because he wasn't as productive through the entire year as the rest of the department? He had to have less duties during that time to account for time he was serving or expected to be on base. But the knock against Kate that sort of ticks me off - not because she's Kate, because she's a women and the year she had. She was pregnant and gave birth but she also basically spent the first months of her pregnancy with her head in the toilet 24/7 and was hospitalized for it. I had an employee like that, she'd come to work, throw up in her garbage pail because she couldn't make it to the bathroom and we'd send her home. She wound up on IV too. If you hate the royals and want to see them do more fine but don't bash her for taking time off  to do what she had to for a healthy child. I never docked my employee for work missed because she couldn't stop puking (yes I know some places would and some places would fire you too - again, thinking about how we sometimes need support not punishment and backlash). OK, stepping off the soapbox now, just sort of feel strongly about the pregnancy thing

Kathy Welch

Please leave your rude comments to yourself. Kate is and has been a working woman, now she is in the spotlight for someone who has nothing better to do than sit and pick her apart. stop it people the Duchess is the most wonderful person to become part of this Royal Family. BTW she has feelings also more than I can say about the snobs who sit and try to nit pick her . Nip it people ! Loves Kate, William and George :)

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