Kate Middleton Slammed as One of the 'Laziest' Royals

kate middletonNo matter how beloved Kate Middleton may be by countless loyal royal followers all around the world, there will be those who feel the need to tear her and Prince William down. In fact, it seems like the bigger her public profile gets, the more ripping of the Duchess we're seeing. The latest: Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet has published a list of the most active to the "laziest" royals in Europe, taking into account all official appointments between January and December 2013. And while Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth made #1 and #2 on the list -- with 189 and 181 appointments respectively -- the Duchess of Cambridge came in at #13, with just 35. Eek! (Meanwhile, Prince William made the #12 spot with 46 appointments.)

While it definitely looks less than ideal when compared to her father-in-law and the Queen, I feel like this sort of ranking and comparison is downright unfair and ridiculous.


Does no one recall that she was pregnant, giving birth to an heir, and then recovering this year? And yet she still made a point to get out there and participate in many charity-driven events for the groups she's the Patron of. As for Prince William, he was on active duty in the RAF for much of the year.

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What's more, no one should expect Kate to be out there in the same way and at the same level as experienced, seasoned royals like Prince Charles, the Queen, even Camilla, etc. Not only does she have different priorities now like raising Prince George, but she's just ... well, new. I'm sure as time goes on, she'll accumulate additional commitments that rival those who made the top of this list. But in the meantime, nothing about the hard-working Duchess should say "lazy" to us.

What do you think about this list? Do you think "Waity Katie" has become "Lazy Katie"?


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