4 Home Invaders Pick Absolute Wrong Man to Mess With

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If you invade a man's home, better make sure it's not the home of a mixed martial arts expert. Four men reportedly burst into the home of an MMA fighter, and only three made it out alive. Authorities believe he acted in self-defense when the four men, reportedly gang members, forced their way into the man's mobile home around 2 a.m. But maybe they had no idea who they were dealing with.

The 27-year-old MMA fighter, Joseph Torrez, was home with his young son, his fiancee, and some of her friends when the men broke in. Apparently there had been some kind of an altercation earlier in the evening between Torrez and the gang members.

The men came in, one with a homemade knife, and another one grabbed a knife from inside the home. The MMA fighter managed to stab one of the men and kill him. Another one sustained "severe facial injuries" and had to be taken away in an ambulance. The other two fled in fear. All four have been arrested.

Torrez is no stranger to fighting. He's reportedly a 155-pound lightweight who has a record of one win and five losses. But that didn't seem to matter when he was taking on four gangmembers. He won the fight of his life.

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Despite the fact that Torrez may not have been a total champ in the ring, the reality was he was prepared to take on attackers who probably had no training. And to take on four guys at once -- that's just insane!

Torrez and his family have already reportedly moved out of his house. Good thinkin', dude. No use going for round two.

Hopefully the three douchebags who made it out alive will be put away for a very long time.


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nonmember avatar J

How can all four have been arrested? Did the MMA fighter get arrested too? Did they arrest a dead guy?

ashjo85 ashjo85

They arrested the MMA fighter too.

nonmember avatar Mindy

Really all four got arrested? I'd like to see what punishment they see fit for a dead guy!!

lisajo76 lisajo76

That's hilarious.

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