Oklahoma Mom Accused of Molesting Her 3 Children While Paying Adults Watched

Natalie WebbThere are times that you read something in the news that is so absolutely twisted, that you have to read it many more times to convince yourself that it actually happened. This morning, the story of Natalie Lynn Webb is that despicable. The 30-year-old Oklahoma mother is accused of sexually abusing three of her children in front of other adults who paid to watch her do so, from December 2012 to March 2013. According to Webb's 9-year-old son, who escaped the abuse by hiding in a dumpster, his two 3-year-old sisters and 8-year-old brother were repeatedly raped by their mother. On top of that, they were often subjected to being thrown against a wall repeatedly and other physical abuse.

Even more disgusting, a lot of this behavior was reportedly under the influence of methamphetamine, which Webb's son said his mother sold out of the house. According to the Dec. 18 police affidavit, he believed the drugs were to blame for Mom's actions.

He thinks when mom took the needles it would make her act different ... she would act weird and ... her arm would have little dots where it was bleeding.

Wow. There are many more frightening details of potentially horrible living conditions and wretched actions from the police affidavit that I can't bring myself to repeat here. After hearing all of these details, it makes me sick to think that these poor, poor children may have lived in such frightful living conditions for so long.

According to the affidavit, Webb has past felony convictions for possession of a controlled substance and child endangerment, as well as misdemeanor convictions of unauthorized use of a credit card, bogus checks, and unlawful possession of paraphernalia. I just can't help but wonder -- why did it take this long for the children to be removed from Webb's possession after all of these issues? Why did no one else step forward in their best interest?

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It's easy to look at the photo of Webb and question what kind of mother would do these things to her children? What kind of mother would feel no remorse? But I can't help but contemplate about drugs potential impact on her actions. I'm not excusing them. Not for one moment. But it's frightening to think that they could have been the reason for her continuous loss in judgment. Webb could have a serious problem, an addiction that has forever altered her life and the life of her children. If it weren't for Mom's involvement in drugs, things could have been better for everyone.

Thankfully, all of Webb's children are now living with their grandparents.

What is your reaction when you hear about a mom who molested her children? Could you ever have sympathy for her?


Image via Beckham County Court

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Sarah... SarahHall58

Every time something bad happens people say "why did it take so long for the children to be removed" it took so long because they almost always try to keep the children with their parent and help the parent to be rehabbed. Unfortunately there are not enough foster families for these children who are taken away to go to. The goal is to help the parent. Sometimes parents can not be helped as we see in this situation. She's a disgusting human being but one can never blame drugs soley. She knew what she was doing. Drugs were more important to her than her family. She did this I'm assuming for more money for more drugs. Some things are more important to some people. As despicable as it may be.

adamat34 adamat34

This bitch should.die. I dont usually say that....but these kids will never ve normal. Ugh all of these adults involved should be drag into the street and shot!

EmilyKC EmilyKC

What was my reaction? Complete and utter disgust!

Could I ever have sympathy for her??? F**k NO

Seriously, though, are you kidding with that question??!??!??!!

Yes, good foster homes are hard to come by but there are different levels of unfit parents and this bitch is all kinds of unfit!!! These kids should be taken away from her ass immediately and permanently. I don't care how "on drugs" you are there is never an excuses to treat children/babies like this EVER!!!! This sorry excuses for a human being needs to be taken out back and shot JMHO. Those poor children being horribly abused by the one person that was supposed to keep them safe from monsters like that. SHE IS NO MOTHER!!! No mother I know would EVER even ENTERTAIN THE THOUGHT of hurting their child. No real mother ever would!!!!!! Plain and simple. Disgusting!!!!!

nonmember avatar Reh2002

SarahHall58 is correct. We have a fostercare system that prioritizes the needs of the parent (to be parents of their children) over the needs of the child (to be physically and emotionally safe).

Why don't we have 3 strikes and 0 strikes policies for different types of abuse, that result in the complete and irreversible termination of parental rights. Free these sorts of kids up for adoption, and don't have it hanging over foster parents' heads that a kid could be taken away from them at any time (even post adoption).

nonmember avatar Rachel

Why is she smiling?

lmh84 lmh84

I want to shoot that smile off her face!

Mark Cox

i guess she left her soul with her eyebrows


Whah,whah,whah, drugs could have skewed her judgment. Are you on her defense team? Someone has to be evil already to be that fucking twisted. These were her kids! If she wants to do drugs so badly maybe she should have started with a birth control pill.

Julia Saenz

Point Blank Bullet to the head

Krystian Kaufold

I agree with Sarahall....It takes the state FOREVER. My neighbors have had 21 CPS calls on them...and the children are still with them. 

I don't get why this bitch has a smile on ehr face.

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