Mitt Romney Accepts MSNBC Apology For Jokes About Black Grandson (VIDEO)

Mitt RomneyIt's gotta feel pretty crappy to be MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry this week. After Harris-Perry and a panel poked fun at a photo of Mitt Romney with his wife and 21 grandchildren, honing in on his adopted African-American grandson Kieran Romney -- the host went on air yesterday and made a tearful apology to the former Republican presidential candidate and his family. Harris-Perry broke into tears during it, saying that she was "deeply sorry that we suggested that interracial families are in any way funny or deserving of ridicule."

This morning, Romney accepted Melissa's apology in a Fox News interview, saying that since it was heartfelt him and his family "hold no ill will whatsoever."

Well that's a big move. Because honestly, the panel's original comments were pretty gosh darn insensitive.

So how did the whole thing go down? Well during a segment on Melissa Harris-Perry last weekend, a panel was asked to come up with captions for the photo of Romney and his family. Actress Pia Glenn started to jokingly sing the lyrics "One of these things is not like the others ..." while another panelist said that the photo "really sums up the diversity of the Republican Party."

Even though Harris-Perry said the baby was gorgeous herself, she took a stab art the caption herself -- predicting that one day Kieran would marry Kim Kardashian and Kanye's daughter North West.

Like Mitt said, it's clear that Harris-Perry didn't mean any ill will by their comments -- but they were still very insensitive and came off as unsupportive of transracial adoption. It's one thing to poke fun at a politician for the way they look, sound ... pick your poison. But the second you take a stab at their children, you've gone too far. The children didn't choose to be put on a national stage. It just comes with the territory.

Romney's response was classy, but it was made easy by Harris-Perry's heartfelt apology. Watch it, here:

Do you think society needs to be more tolerable about transracial adoption?


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Todd Vrancic

Can we please make it plain that a politician's children and/or grandchildren are off-limits for comments?  When a politician poses with his family, the only appropriate comment should be some form of "that's a lovely family."

Mark Cox

romney showing class that perry can only dream of

nonmember avatar SickOfHearingIt

No idea why she felt the need to apologize, but good for her and good for Mr. Romney for taking the high road. No maybe people will shut up about getting her fired for other people's comments.

bills... billsfan1104

I getting really sick and tired of these so called journalists on MSNBC that make heartless, hateful, violent and racist remarks about conservatives and their families.

I know that they say they are sorry, but how about not every saying it and having some class.

nonmember avatar DumbCons

Really? On Fox they don't even bother to apologize. They claim they're joking (Kelly) or they say it's ok since they aren't reporters but hosts (O'Rielly).

nonmember avatar Give me a break

@Bill the only thing you know about MSNBC is what Fox News tells you to be outraged about.

IKnow... IKnow0101

She should had more control over her guest. I found their comments to be more distasteful than Perry. Why don't we stop talking about politicians families and you won'tget in so much ttrouble. But she apologized so let's move on.

bills... billsfan1104

Give me a break, I don't even have cable, and no one tells me what to think

And of course people like DumbCons, would excuse the vile attacks against a BABY. So not even comparable to what Meagan Kelly said.

wamom223 wamom223

I personally find it more offensive that she did this because of her background.  She's not sorry for what she said, she's sorry for the backlash.  Everyone is capable of prejudice and racist can be black too.  I would take her more serious if this was her one and only response but it wasn't.  She got teary eyed after her op ed got called out as bull shit.  This is the same woman who lectures us that we need to give our children up to the community, and this is why sane people would never take her advise. 

wamom223 wamom223

IKnow-More control over her guest?  Are you kidding?  Its her show and it was her segment and it was about funny Christmas cards.  There is a reason her ratings are so low and its because she sucks.

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