7 Ways We Treat Snowstorms Like They're the Collapse of Civilization (PHOTOS)

empty shelves eggs milk grocery snowstormIt's only January 2, and this winter has already been a doozy! It seems like we're getting slammed with a new snowy, icy, blizzardy, Nor'eastery, or just plain gross and sleety weather threat every week. Now that Winter Storm Hercules is bearing down on the Midwest and Northeast as we speak, obviously everyone is FREAKING OUT. Because that's just what we do when we hear snow is comin'!

Here, hilarious, crazy, most over-the-top reactions to this and past snowstorms ... 


1. Here's what happens at the grocery store ...

woman under shelves snowstorm

The Flickr photographer who took this writes, "We've never seen the shelves at the grocery store so bare. Julia really, really wanted Chef Boyardee pizza and was willing to go spelunking for it." Ha!

2. Here's what we do to our pets ...

dog in snow gear

3.  And then, even the pets themselves flip out! As one dog owner put it, "My dogs go crazy whenever we get a lot of snow (which is all of the time -- Erie, PA has the record for snowiest US city in 2013!). You'd think they would be used to it, but they get so excited about running in/digging in/eating the snow that I have to remind them to 'go potty' or we would be outside for hours."

4. We make jokes about the Winter Storm's name ...

5. We post gratuitous photos of any sort of accumulation of snow ...

Caption on this one: "Accumulation #SNOWFAR today #punny #Hercules." 

6. We make jokes about how much help we're gonna need with clean-up ...


7. And then there's this, which pretty much sums it up!

What's the craziest, funniest reaction to a snowstorm you've seen or heard lately?


Images via ZappTV/Twitter, gnureg/Flickr, sewtrashy/Flickr

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