Father Admits Axe Murdering 13-Year-Old Son Because He Was a 'Demon'

gary sherrillThe holidays can be challenging on some people. Divorce can make this time very difficult as well. And these things could be why 51-year-old Gary Sherrill seems to have lost his ability to think rationally. But we may never know exactly why Sherrill killed his 13-year-old son David with an axe on New Year's Eve. Or why he believed his son was possessed.

The elder Sherrill picked up his son from his ex-wife's home a day early. David's mother had been trying to get in touch with her son and didn't get a reply. Then he didn't return home when he was supposed to so she called the Phoenix police. When they arrived at Sherrill's home they discovered the unthinkable.

First Sherrill lied and said his son wasn't there, but the police entered the home and found the 13-year-old dead with stab wounds from an axe all over his body. There was signs of trauma as well. Perhaps there was a struggle of some sort. This is just so awful and sad.

The homicide detectives arrived and Sherrill admitted to murdering his son with an axe because he was scared of him. He said he believed his son was a demon and was going to eat him. Sherrill has been charged with first degree murder.

The breakdown of this man's mind is terrifying. A young boy -- a man's son, a mother's child -- has been murdered. I am just left thinking of the mother. Her feelings of helplessness and a sadness no person should ever have to bear. Truly awful. I hope her family and friends surround her with the love and light she needs right now. And I certainly feel we should all try to pay attention to any warning signs that something isn't right in another's person mind.

Do you think the holidays and divorce could lead people to do the unthinkable?


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adamat34 adamat34

I call BS . Sounds like a custody case. Seems he's trying to build an insanity.defense.

How horrific and sad. This shit needs.to stop. We.must all pray, seriously pray for this world.

Stephanie Isaac

Holidays or not

Divorce or not

Difficult child or not

Murder with an ax is not an option

What a horrible man

nekoy... nekoyukidoll

there has to be deeper issues for someone to go this far.  sure the holidays and divorce are stressfull things but most people don't go off and kill someone because they're streesed.

NoWei NoWei

Another violent heterosexual American male. No surprise. American heterosexual men dangerous.

adopt... adoption2013

Divorce or the holidays didn't cause this.   Mental illness may have.   OR the dad may just be evil.


cmjaz cmjaz

I call b.s. too

Rando... Randomlady

nowei, let's play spot the feminist. found one. women aren't dangerous at all, nope I've never in my life read about dangerous women... go read a book.

I had been wondering whether he was under the influence of some psychotic drugs like molly, lsd, or anything else that might make him break like this or whether he is just using it as an excuse for murdering his child.

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