News Bloopers of 2013 Will Make You Cringe & Cry With Laughter (VIDEO)

Hey, we're almost at 2014! It's a time for reflection, for taking stock, for looking forward ... and for laughing at all of the people who made total asses of themselves in 2013. So let's begin, shall we? The news arena had plenty of entertaining moments this year -- most of them unintended. Poor newscasters who have to read live on air are always at risk of screwing up or having someone else screw them up and having it all captured on camera. And these days it's around the world in an instant. Kind of feel sorry for them -- but that isn't going to stop me from sharing this hilarious year-end news bloopers round-up. Trust me, you'll be grinning all through this one.


Take a look (some of it is NSFW) and then we'll recap our fave moments!

Hahaha! Are you laughing yet? If not, then get your pulse checked.

Here are some of my favorite moments:

- When newbie caster A.J. Clemente drops some career-destroying F-bombs. Poor A.J. was cyber mincemeat in no time.

- "I pledge allegiance to the fag."

- When the reporter instantly pushes off two camera bombers who try to kiss him.

- "Hello, nice to see ya!"

- The traffic reporter who draws a phallic traffic pattern.

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- Mickey the baboon coping a feel. With a HUGE grin.

- The woman head-butted by the goat.


- "I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black man's arms ... Dead giveaway!"

Oh man, just too many to name. Anyway, it's good to laugh when so much bad stuff happens every year too. Let's not forget it's not all tragedy!

What was your favorite part?

Image via NewsBeFunny/YouTube

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