American Cereal Heiress Stabbed to Death Abroad

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RoatanAmerican cereal heiress Nedenia Post Dye, age 46 was found dead in her room at the prominent Caribbean resort she owned. Dye had operated the the retreat for 15 years, and was known to be active, philanthropic member of the community. She made it her life's work to help the poor and disinfranchised. Now, one of those she sought to help is accused of her death.

The police have arrested Lenin Roberto Arana, a local area singer. Dye was thought to have been helping Arana rid himself of a drug problem. There is speculation that the two also enjoyed a romantic relationship. Arana was found allegedly soaked in Dye's blood as he tried to flee the scene in her car. 

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Dye was the great-granddaughter of Marjorie Merriweather Post. Post had inherited the Post Cereal fortune which would go on to become General Foods Inc. Dye was a native of California, who described herself as a "risk-taker". She and a business partner had settled on building a resort in Central America after initially thinking of Asia. They picked the island of Roatan.

Arana, who goes by the stage name "The Canary" protests any involvement in the crime. He does admit to knowing Dye well, but says he would never harm her -- let alone stab her multiple times in the back. Arana claims that Dye was "like a mother" to him. No motive is immediately known.

Has helping someone you know with a drug or alcohol problem ever put you in a scary situation?


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Daisy... DaisyJupes

My boyfriend drinks a lot, and since he does and his roommate/landlord does, he considers it normal and okay that his roommate threatens to beat the shit out of me and fuck me up for things like (attempting to) catch a beer pong ball that was behind the table and would not go in unless physics changed. That is going to change or this relationship will be ending. 

I've already told him that once he gets a new job (January or February) he will be moving out or we won't be a we anymore. Similarly, if his friends get to threaten me in his future new place (which he wants to be ours), I won't be coming back. It's not an ultimatum, it's a deal breaker. So is the excessive drinking, but that's more that I would like to be with my boyfriend when he's my boyfriend and I don't particularly want to attach myself long term to a 33 year old alcoholic who will drink himself to death. He's been promising to change for a few months (drunk boyfriend likes to talk about marrying me...3 to 4 months into this relationship), so I will give him a few months more to make it work. 

Momm2... Momm2threeboyz

Good for you Daisy!! Life is too short to put up with that! There are plenty more guys out there! No point in wasting time being with one that you're unhappy with, when you can find one that's truly about you! Like I said, life is too short!

spook... spooknrun

Good for you, Daisy?!

Get rid of that loser yesterday! And get a restraining order!

NoWei NoWei

No good deed goes unpunished.

1love... 1lovelylady

A friend of mine introduced me to her cousin who I later found out had just gotten out of jail for murder.  He was an alcoholic who suffered from blackouts.  On one of his blackouts he had murdered someone.  He was supposed to take medicine to keep him from drinking as part of his probation and go to AA meetings, but he said the medicine made him sick.  Once I saw what drinking did to him, I tried to quit him, but he kept pleading & crying to stay with him.  The final straw was I woke up one morning with a knife stuck in my headboard over my head.  I immediately told him to get out and never call me again.  I was too scared to ever talk to him again.

Carol DeRenzo Pearson

Get rid of him now, Daisy. Any counselor would tell you that he's not going to change, it's up to you to plot your own path. Good luck.

Angel... AngelSinger

Daisy, your boyfriend has a serious problem with the bottle. Don't make his problem your problem. You will not change him.

If he's sincere, tell him you will move in with him once he has his one-year chip from AA. In the meantime, go to an Al-Anon meeting yourself. You need to hear what they have to say, and you need to talk to those who have been there. 

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