Royal Christmas Card Reminds Us Who'll Be King Before Wills & George! (PHOTO)

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camilla charles christmas cardThe season is bright in jolly ol' England with Christmas nearly here (can't you just see the "days to Christmas" countdown a la Love Actually flash before your eyes?), so it's fitting that we'd get a gander at a royal holiday card. Prince Charles and his wife Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall's 2013 card was released yesterday, and it's old-school in the best possible way.

The couple's card sports Prince Charles' feathers (a badge made up of three white feathers rising through a gold coronet) and the Duchess' official cipher (emblazoned with the letter "C") on its cover, with the message, "Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and New Year” printed across the left inside flap.

Most notably, though, the card features the couple in a jovial shot taken back in June at the Royal Ascot, a big horse racing event.

The pair was seated in a box, pretty much holding court over everything by looking simply as regal -- and in love as ever. They certainly look like the next King and Princess Consort or Queen Consort. (The specifics remain to be seen ...)

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Yup, I know the whole world is psyched to see Prince William become the King one day, and, in turn, Duchess Catherine become Queen Consort, but this card is a perhaps not intentional but subtle reminder that before the popular young couple's reign will come Charles' and Camilla's ascension! It couldn't be more obvious that they'll embrace their reign. At the same time, it couldn't be more clear that they're really loving this time in their lives and one another -- throne or not. Very merry indeed!

What do you think of Charles and Camilla's holiday card?


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Donna Fanatia

I would set in a burning barrel.

Donna Moore

she is ugly and a home wraker and he has big ears much rather see one of will and kate

Enid Jennings

Beautiful and so relaxed and in love. God bless them both

Patricia Hyde

Never liked the couple , Very bad taste

Jeannette Dixon

hope he does not become king cannot forgive how he ruined that beautiful princess's life ug !!and I do not like the card who would want to look at that on there wall

nonmember avatar Tracey

Those two should NEVER sit on the throne! Birthright of Charles or not he blew it and OMG Camilla the rottweiler ? Never never never!

Iris Atkinson

Not exactly 'The Royal card' Where is the queen?


nonmember avatar Robbie Guzman


Suzanne Schultz

I was under the impression that, due to his divorce from Princess Diana, Charles was no longer eligible?


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