Serial Killer 'Victim' Turns Up Alive & Well After 40 Years

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John Wayne Gacy
John Wayne Gacy

This ought to put a little happy in your holidays. The family of a man who hasn't been seen in 41 years has their long lost brother back! Robert Hutton has been gone since 1972, and he was long feared to be a victim of serial killer John Wayne Gacy. But he's alive!

After 40+ years! It's a Christmas miracle!

OK, not exactly. It turns out Hutton was found alive and well and living in Montana back in April. The news is just now coming out, however, and for anyone whose relative has been missing for a long time, his story injects a little bit of hope back into the holidays for sure.

Apparently Hutton was 21 when he went missing in 1972. He was on his way to New York from California and presumed to have traveled through Chicago -- right where Gacy was active and right during the killer's active years. Young and likely hitchhiking, Hutton fit the profile for the killer's victims to a "T," so it's no surprise his sister put his name forth to investigators as someone Gacy likely might have killed.

Might being the operative word! When investigators tracked him down, he was very much alive ... albeit a little sheepish that he'd never gone back to his family.

I'm not a violent person, but I could see his sister smacking him upside the head -- jokingly of course! -- when they reunite! It's the least he deserves for leaving his poor family hanging for four decades!

Apparently missing persons cases are more hopeful than one would think. Around 2,300 Americans are reported missing every day. That's kids and adults, and it's a pretty scary statistic. But when you break it down, very few are actual kidnappings or abductions.

The statistics show at least one-sixth of people who disappear have psychiatric problems. At least half of the missing kids in this country are runaways, and another quarter are family abductions. 

And then there are people like Robert Hutton who just ... disappear. Nothing bad happened; in fact, it seems time simply passed by, and by the time he realized he hadn't contact his family in awhile, he felt bad about it. Guilt compounded, and well ... 40-some years passed.

But he's alive, folks! He's ALIVE! 

And this isn't some TV movie of the week. This is real life. Because these things can happen ...

Just a little something to think about ...

Is there someone you haven't heard from in a long, long time? Do you still hold out hope?


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kenle... kenleymom

My dad's brother has been missing for 10+ yrs. They think he was killed but no body has ever been found.

jessi... jessicasmom1

wow simply wow .. I can not being to understand this

jessi... jessicasmom1

wow simply wow .. I can not being to understand this where did he go? with whom did he stay? no contact with family... hmmmmmmm

nonmember avatar NoWay

I think that's kind of a shitty thing to do to your family. So what if you feel guilty. You could at least send a letter to let them know you are ok and that you are just living your life elsewhere.

Rosas... RosasMummy

How could you not ever think that they would be worried or not notice that you hadn't contacted them for such a significant period length of time that by the time you thought of it it seemed like a better option to just never bother again?

Mamaz... Mamazee73

I'm guessing he had a good reason to not be in touch - i wouldn't assume that everything is solved now.  Now they know he's alive.  Doesn't mean he wants a relationship with them.


amand... amanda_mom89

Yes, many children who are missing are runaways but they very quickly become victims of human trafficking. Forced into prostitution and illegal labor. It's right under our noses and is a very large and real problem in our country.

nonmember avatar Skye

A lady that I thought of like a mother went missing 9 years ago. We woke up one morning and she was just gone. It was her oldest sons birthday. The last person to see her was her 7 year old nephew and she told him she was taking her youngest son to football practice and we haven't seen her since. She was diabetic too and she left one of her two bottles of insulin at home. I wish she would show up like this guy.

Deborah Collins

There has to be more to this story.....

Jennie Brinker

He must have felt his life very unhappy but he should have at least let his mother know he was alright.Thats very inconsiderate.


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