Mother Learns of 15-Year-Old Son's Murder by Checking Facebook (VIDEO)

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anthoney milledge 15 shot indianapolisOne Indiana mother recently learned the worst news a parent could possibly hear from the absolute wrong source. Nikkita Milledge's son Anthoney was shot at 1 p.m. on Saturday, and before the police could even identify the 15-year-old's body, Milledge discovered his murder on Facebook. "Someone put on Facebook, 'RIP Anthony, I will miss you,' and then the phone calls started coming in to my house and cellphone," the mourning mother said.

She explained that when he hadn't answered her calls, she figured she'd check online to see where he was, and that's when she came across the tragic truth. What a nightmare ...

Anthoney, who had been spending the night with a friend on Friday, was shot twice outside an Indianapolis apartment. As Milledge put it, he was "gunned down in broad daylight." Completely horrific.

Already, a 19-year-old named Brice Price has been arrested for the shooting. Price and Anthoney were allegedly involved in a robbery, according to local news station WIBC News. Milledge told CNN: 

I did everything to keep him busy but it wasn't enough. We all need to take a stand as mothers who have lost children.

So true ... so heartbreaking. But adding even more fuel to the fire is the level of insensitivity exhibited by the teens who supposedly loved Anthoney so much that they felt the need to broadcast his murder on Facebook in real time.

We're all guilty of making serious missteps on social media ... but when it comes to someone's death, especially a young person, we should ALL know better than to be tweeting and Facebook status updating about such a sensitive topic when it is too soon.

Granted, this isn't the first time social media has overstepped its boundaries in a situation like this, and it won't be the last. But maybe seeing how it affects a real mom like Milledge will make some sort of dent in attitudes about what and when it's appropriate to post news about a tragic, untimely death.

How do you feel about how this mother learned of her son's death?

13 WTHR Indianapolis

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nonmember avatar Nicole

My husband sees this a lot. He is a police officer and parents often find out on Facebook or from texts before the police have a chance to find them and give a formal notification. It's not just with deaths, but accidents and other things too. It's terrible.

Traci... Traci_Momof2

You'd think people would have more sense and wait to post stuff on FB until they know for sure that immediate family has been notified.  But maybe that's what happens when we just let our kids go on social media without teaching them common courtesy and respect while using it.

Jence... Jenceleste

This generation is full of morons, expecting them to actually "think" before acting is obviously asking way too much! It's sad but unfortunately it's reality.

kimmi34 kimmi34

My aunt found out about her son's death on Facebook. Totally shitty. He was in the army and his superiors hadn't yet contacted her when she saw all his friends posting RIP messages on his page. Total shit if you ask me. People have no respect anymore.

Ann Giles

My thoughts and prayers go out to this family. May you find piece your son is with our holy father. God bless you.


nonmember avatar someone

Okay ... I am just baffled by you people. You do realise first and for most people that posted those things, that it is possible that they thought the parents knew? Also, alot of the time it can take hours or days before the parents are made aware. Specially if they didint have ID on them. Or case of a tragic death (fire/drowning and what not.) And for all I know they arent posting innapropriate things. They are mourning the lost of a friend. I hope I opened your eyes a bit. Thank you.

nonmember avatar misstiss71

It's not just "this" generation. I've seen people my age, in their 40's, posting tragic news before the family was told. It's a race as to who will be the 1st to tell first. Sick that they wait days so as not to spoil a TV show, but trip over each others posts to bring the bad news.

lilmo... lilmoosesmom

misstiss, I agree. When my FIL passed, I had to ask people while I was on the phone with them to keep it off myspace/facebook because I still had family members to call.... o.0 It's not just young people who rush right to Facebook to post. I was 23/24 when my father in law passed. I was speaking to his siblings and family members who were in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, o.O

Donna VanSchiack

My heart goes out to this mother that learned of her child's death on facebook. I too experience something the same on Oct 15 2011 my son was at a house party when 2 young guys attempted to take a book bag that my son was carrying my son refusing to release the bag and one of them pulled out a gun shot and killed him.Before the police got in touch with me teens was knocking on my door to tell what happen I was in no belief of this so i had the teens take me to the scene. I was told they took him to the hospital so i went to the emergency room where i was told he passed away. When the police did get to me about what happen at about 5 am one of my friends was with me at the time her daughter calls her to tell her they post my son lying on the ground at the scene he was dead. Now it's two years later and still no justice has been served on the person responsible 50/60 teenagers was at this party and still no one has stepped forward with any information to get this person. My child had just turned 18 yrs old He had hopes in becoming a famous football player one day.

meisa... meisalicia

Are you people kidding me!? All the friends are showing their love and support of him and you think its disrespectful!? How are they suppose to know the family weren't contacted yet!? If it weren't his friends then who knows when the mother would have found out? Clearly someone had found out and that's how they posted something on Facebook. I realize it's a crummy way to find out if a loved one passed away but saying others are rude for posting their grievance is a little too much.

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