Racist Teacher Who Told Student Santa Can't Be Black Should Be Fired

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Santa Suit A teacher in New Mexico was put on administrative leave recently for being the worst human being imaginable. Sorry. That was my editorial bias creeping through. Here are the facts (though I stand by my assessment): A high school teacher was recently put on leave for telling a student to take off his Santa Claus costume. 

Nothing sounds too wrong with that, right? A teacher just doing their job and keeping a student from horsing around. But there's more. The teacher in question wasn't upset because the kid was goofing off. This happened during the class's holiday party -- what better place to don a Santa suit? He was mad because the student, ninth grader Christopher Rougier, is black. He demanded the kid remove the ensemble because "Santa was white." BRING IN THE COAL, I HAVE A GIANT STOCKING IN NEED OF FILLING. IT IS THE ONE MARKED "BIG OL' RACIST."

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Christopher's parents are outraged and think the teacher -- who hasn't been identified -- should be fired. I tend to agree. Administrative leave doesn't come close to being a reasonable response to this teacher's behavior. By not firing the teacher in question, the school is essentially condoning his behavior.

I hate that racism during the holidays is becoming a 'trend.' Wasn't it just a day or two ago that we were talking about Megyn Kelly's idiotic comment on air about Santa being white? Why don't we address the real issue that these bigots seem to be missing: Santa (out of the room innocent children) is a fictional being. In theory, the dude travels the globe in one night with the help of some magical reindeer. He's got a staff of elves slaving over our new iPads and Rainbow looms 24/7. All of these things are within the realm of what is reasonable -- but Santa's race is where we draw the line? It would be laughable if it weren't so disheartening.

Do you think this teacher should be fired -- or punished some other way, like having to take classes in, uh, basic decency?

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When did all this what color is santa start. Seems it was a mole hill now its a mountain.

Coles... Coles_mom

Why is every one being so sensitive? All it takes is basic research and you'll find out the man who Saint Nick was based on WAS white. This isn't offensive. It's fact. I think what is happening these days is we're SO ridicously pc, it's becoming a crime to be white or take pride in being white. It's really unfortunate I have to give my kids lecture after lecture on how to not offend minorities in their school by saying "this, this, or that", but the ONE black kid in my son's class teases kids constantly about being white. Dear God, I wouldn't dare say a word about it because his mom is one of those "Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton on speed dial types". St. Nick was a white dude. Deal with it.

abra819 abra819

Oh give me a fucking break. Santa is fictional but also white. WHITE. He's never been depicted as black. Get over. Black people will call race on anything. So pathetic, even Bill Cosby's ashamed.

Jespren Jespren

So, it's cool to call a white kid dressed up as a geisha a racists because geisha's were Japanese and to dress up as one on Halloween is somehow racists...but saying Santa, a German/European myth with a dash of dead white guy thrown in is...wait for it...white, is also racists? Yeah, that one makes sense. This teacher was just a few months late, apparently he forgot it was racists to dress up as a fictionalized member of another race in October but *not* racists to dress up as a fictionalized member of another race in December. Foolish teacher, trying to be all consistent! I think the teacher was a moron, but if *he* is a moron, then so is every 'that's so racist!' ranter around Halloween ticked off that someone dared stray from their own cultural history for a costume.

nonmember avatar Alexandra

I think the orgins are Dutch and santa claus (coming from there) has always been depicted as white.

To Coles mom: in my son's school it is okay if the black kids call white kids crackers, etc but if the white kids get mad and turn the tables, it's considered a hate crime and can result in expulsion (although I've only heard of it being punished as out of school suspension)

They learn that it is okay to be called names if you're white and that isn't bullying. Now say something back and it is. Crazy huh? You think it would all be considered wrong.


Bubsy Bubsy

I'm sorry, but if you don't see what is WRONG with this then you are a moron! This isn't about if Santa is white or black or any race, it's about the fact that this teacher told a CHILD that he couldn't wear a Santa suit because he's black. It's WRONG to tell that to a child, because race shouldn't play a part in a situation like this at all considering that it was a CHILD, and Santa is a fictional person!!!! Who was that child hurting by wearing a Santa suit? Nobody!!! And for a teacher to make him remove it on the grounds of race is racist, and WRONG. They're CHILDREN! Jesus Christ on a cracker!

And @Coles_mom, racism is wrong no matter what race it comes from, and it sounds to me like you should make the school aware that your child is being bullied by another kid for being white. Nobody should have to tolerate racism, and if that kid's mom has anything to say to you then I would tell her that racism is not ok no matter who it's coming from. 

nonmember avatar Lbdmom

Obviously, if the teacher said that, he was totally wrong. Let the kid wear a Santa suit if he wants to. Was he allowed to? He was at school, maybe that's why he had a problem with it. I don't think we are hearing the whole story here.

jrphelps jrphelps

As the author stated & most importantly Santa is a FICTIONAL character.  Yes he may be based on a real person at some point & time but who can really fly around the world in one night with reindeer, crawling down chimneys, eating all the cookies, & delivering presents?  OH THAT'S RIGHT!  A fictional character.  For all we know Santa could be purple.  As for us, we have Santa decorations of mulitple ethnicities.  Santa lives in your heart people.  HE IS NOT A REAL PERSON WITH A SPECIFIC RACE!

nonmember avatar sharon

And the easter bunny is white too. The Cadberry cream eggs ads told me so. Much like the Coke adapted St.Nick Santa Claus into the modern version we know today. Ignore the BROWN BUNNY apologist!!!! White Bunny FOREVER!!!

adamat34 adamat34

Its in poor taste he took his belief out on a kid...that part was WRONG, kids are innocent. No, he should not be fired, he has a right to his opinion even the offensive ones. We have.to tolerate liberal opinions, we need to start respecting the other side as well.

He should be made to take a sensitivity class or something. But not fired.

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