Pippa Middleton Is Engaged!

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Pippa Middleton & Nico JacksonYes ... it's finally happening! Pippa Middleton is getting married, as she got engaged to her boyfriend Nico Jackson earlier this month. A source tells Us Weekly that Nico proposed to Pippa at India's Oberoi Amarvilas while they were vacationing there at the beginning of December.

The source describes the proposal as "very romantic and grand" -- and apparently it "was exactly how he planned it."

Aww. How sweet!

But gah. Why didn't this person dish on the juicy details a little bit more? I want to know exactly how the whole thing went down. But I guess since they haven't bothered to go public with the news themselves, we probably aren't going to get too much more info.

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Seriously, though, this is, like, the most exciting thing that's happened since Kate Middleton's royal wedding to Prince William. Supposedly the celebration will take place sometime in 2014, and I for one am already dying to see Pippa all dolled up on her big day.

I wonder what her dress will look like? Oh! And what about whatever Kate wears? She has to be Pippa's matron of honor, so you know she'll look nothing short of fabulous.

And I wonder what kind of hashtag or Twitter account Pippa will inspire as a bride? I mean, chances are it'll wind up being something pretty awesome, considering her bum took center stage during Kate and Will's nuptials.

Ooh! And maybe little Prince George will be walking by the time Aunt Pippa ties the knot? OMG. What if he winds up being the ring bearer in a cute little suit?

I'm getting way too carried away here. Congrats to Pippa and Nico!

Are you excited that Pippa is engaged?


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Lucki... Luckicharmz

Us Weekly huh.....Is there an actual credible resource for this announcment?


Was on another site and she is denying this. Other than that,calm down,she ain't all that.

Wallis Smith Berry

Since sister Kate is married (!), she would be the MATRON of honor. Maid of honor applies to SINGLE girls.

Alma Fleming

Looks a nice couple.Feel sorry for her parents paying out for another wedding.Good luck to them.


aandt... aandt1999

What a weird response Alma. Most parents are happy their daughter found love and is getting married. I'm sure they knew it was coming some day. Plus, they don't really have money problems.

Heinz Armin Linner

Ist das wichtig ? Wem interessiert das ? Alles andere als bewegend ! Die Frau wäre doch komplett uninteressant, wenn da nicht ihre Schwester wäre. Und die sieht um Längen besser aus.....

nonmember avatar kat

SO EXCITING!!! F I N A L L Y!!!!! Its her time to shine!!!!

Annie Lanham

I think she is gorgeous and it bugs me that people give her a hard time.  She didn't marry into the royal family her sister did. She is young beautiful and foot loose and fancy free.  Let her live her own life and do what she wants, she only has one.  If it was the critics daughter or sister they would be up in arms.  Give the girl a break for god sake.  Plus on the car and gun saga she wasn't the one holding the plastic gun the person with her was.  Prince Harry never got so much shit for being in the nude.

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