Target & Walmart Are Closed on Christmas But These Stores Are Open

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shopping cartsOn Christmas Day the world stands still and everyone stays at home, drinking eggnog, opening presents, eating roast beast, and singing with all the little Whos in Whoville. That's what we all want to believe... AND YET! It's not really true. People shop on Christmas Day for all kinds of reasons: Because they don't celebrate Christmas (gasp!), because they ran out of pepper at the last minute, because someone needs tampons all of a sudden. Hey, I'm not here to judge. I'm here to provide information. Here are the stores you can expect to see open on Christmas Day. 

24-hour locations of the following stores should be open regular hours:


Circle K

Cumberland Farms


Rite Aid


Most Safeway stores will be open 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM

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The following stores were open in 2012 and will likely be open Christmas Day 2013.

Family Dollar



Winn-Dixie has been open past Christmas Days but will be closed this year.

Best Buy


Kohl's will stay open 100 consecutive hours leading up to 6:00 PM Christmas Eve.


Old Navy


Toys R Us will stay open 87 consecutive hours leading up to 9:00 PM Christmas Eve. 


Have you ever gone to the store on Christmas Day?


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nonmember avatar Kellie

I work at a store that is open on Christmas. We are the only store open in town (even WalMart and Target close) so we are crazy busy! From the moment we open to the moment we close its non-stop. We mostly sell batteries and alcohol.

lalab... lalaboosh

I'm going to the co-op tomorrow because we don't know what we're having for dinner yet.

Melissa Davidson

Am I missing something? The headline states Target will be closed, but it is listed in the "most likely open" column...

Jenniy Jenniy

The Walmart in my town will be open Christmas day, my neighbor works there and has to work.

nonmember avatar Guest

Melissa Davidson, yes you are missing something. the list you are referring to includes 2 stores (Family Dollar and Pathmark), Then in BOLD font there is the word Closed and then the list for closed stores which includes Walmart and Target. But I can see why you didn't see it, because there bold titles are a line long and then when they get to "Closed:" it is only on word so it appears as if it is an item on the previous list rather than new list.

Happy... Happydad73

Funny, all the screaming and whining about stores being open on thanksgiving and not a peep about them being open on Christmas. I guess they moved on from the 'plight of the employed people'.

nonmember avatar eddie

Roast Beast?

nonmember avatar Haggi

Your wrong with your fact first my mom think you need to do more research and rite aid is complyty close

Roy Jonesjrl

Jack in the Box is open too.

nonmember avatar Brittney

Actually. Haggi, I work at Rite Aid and I am getting ready to go to work in a bit. My store is open 9-5. It does vary by the districts. This article says 24 hour stores will be open. My store's normal hours are 8 to 10. We have always been open on Christmas.

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