Woman Assaults Salvation Army Volunteer Who Didn't Wish Her 'Merry Christmas'

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xmasThe holidays are the perfect time of year to give back. You'll very often find folks you know volunteering during this festive yuletide in a bid to give back to their community and demonstrate compassion and sensitivity. One popular mode of volunteering is working as a bell-ringer for the Salvation Army.

The Christian organization stations folks with those famous red buckets and infamous bells on busy street corners and in front of store fronts where they ask for donations. One volunteer, Kristina Vindiola, was doing just that when something happened that took her completely by surprise.

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The Salvation Army's protocol dictates that its volunteers say either "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays" while accepting donations on their behalf. Vindiola was doing just that, choosing to say "Happy Holidays" when one woman confronted her. The woman in question demanded to know if Vindiola was a Christian and proceeded to tell her that she should be saying "Merry Christmas." Then, before leaving (without making a donation), she punched Vindiola in the arm.

If that woman was hoping to spread the good news about Christians being tolerant, loving, and accepting, she messed up riiiiiight around the place where she PUNCHED A VOLUNTEER FOR A CHRISTIAN ORGANIZATION. The last thing a volunteer should have to worry about during the holidays is being attacked -- let alone by someone who alleges that they follow Christian teachings.

The police were called to the scene, but no arrests were made. I think they should have hauled that punchy-Grinch away for the entire Christmas season. If your glad tidings of great joy include punching someone who is genuinely doing good -- then you deserve it!

Do you say "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas"?

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nekoy... nekoyukidoll

I say Happy Holidays and if people give me grief about it, I look them in the eye and say "I'm Pagan".  I did once have a guy come in my line and refuse to leave until I told him "Merry Christmas"


belie... believeitornot

I would have called security^

silen... silentdreamer

People are just never happy. They always have to have something to complain about. I say "Merry Christmas". Don't like it, feel free to say it your own way.

belie... believeitornot

As for the question, I don't usually say either. If I know someone is of a certain religion I'll tell them happy whatever holiday it is, but that's it. I don't say anything to strangers, or customers (when I was working.) I'm an atheist, and half of my family is non religious.

nonmember avatar Frankie

You know, Christmas is a holiday, as is Christmas Eve and New Years. So if you wish someone a Happy Holidays, you're not discounting Christmas at all. People need to worry about things that actually matter.

Shandi80 Shandi80

Wow, what a psycho. She should have been arrested for assault. 

Saras... Sarasahmof3

Frankie is right. We were going over the true meaning of "Happy Holidays" in our CCD class not that long ago and it is a good greeting to give near any Holy Day. Because it means Happy Holy Day.

nonmember avatar melanie

Happy holidays covers them all!

nonmember avatar ruthie

That woman was just looking for a fight. Must've had an argument with her husband or something. What a psycho. She should have been arrested. And to answer the question: I say Happy Holidays because it covers everyone. Might as well be inclusive in this time of peace and love toward our fellow humans, right?

nonmember avatar April

I say whatever comes to mind or feels appropriate for the moment. I don't care whether people tell me Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas or whatever. i will take any happy thoughts thrown my way

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