Man Busted for Dumping Newborn Winds Up Saving Her Life

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Ralph Garlick
Ralph Garlick
Shortly after Ralph Garlick called authorities to let them know he "found" a newborn baby, umbilical cord still attached, on the ground outside a convenient store in Florida, he was arrested. See, Garlick didn't find the baby at all. He's reportedly the person who got rid of the child on behalf of his girlfriend, even though the child supposedly isn't his. Garlick lied to police, initially claiming to be his late brother, but then caved, admitting to what he'd allegedly done. He was arrested on giving false information to police and resisting an officer without violence.

And even though what this man reportedly did is heartbreaking and sick, it's a lot better than what other people have done with babies they didn't want.

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There, sadly, have been countless stories in the news, reporting on babies who have been found by third parties in the grass, in dumpsters, and in other god-awful places newborns never should be found. In these stories, the babies are often tragically discovered when it's already too late. And many of us react to these horrifying stories by saying: There are safe haven laws. Why didn't the people who didn't want this child just leave them at a hospital or a firehouse?

What Garlick did certainly wasn't right -- he allegedly left a naked baby outside in extremely cold temperatures. But he did call the police, and thank goodness for that. The baby is alive and said to be in good condition. She has a fighting chance to go on to live a happy and healthy life (raised by parents other than Garlick and his girlfriend). And that's a lot more than we can say about some of the other infants that parents have gotten rid of.

What do you think of this? What is a suitable punishment for Garlick's crime?


Image via Volusia County Sheriff's Office



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Nina Turner

He shouldnt be punished at all if you ask me.

Pixie030 Pixie030

He still put a baby in conditions that could have hurt her but the main criminal I would be going after would be the girlfriend who told him to get rid of her. They both need punishment though, she could have taken the baby to a firehouse like we always say. I don't understand how people can still not know of these laws and would rather put a baby in harms way when they don't have to.

the4m... the4mutts

Idk, I think he did the best he could for the baby, without the gf finding out. And he called police, its not like he literally dumped it. I think he should get off lightly

jkp-buff jkp-buff

Even if you don't know about safe haven laws, what are people afraid will happen if they leave a newborn at a hospital? If he was going to lie and say he "found" her, why not lie to the hosptial staff and say he "found" her when he drops her off?

work4... work4mickey

What he's being chargwd with has norhing to do with the childs welfare. Because he was dishonest about the circumstances, he led the police to believe a crime (child abandonment) had been commited, hence "false information." he is basically being charged with wasting police time.

Bonita Pope

But he didn't waste there time because it saved that baby. They can't have it both ways true he made some bad choices probably out of fear but that baby is alive because of him anyway you look at it.

Mary Palumbo

Punish the stupid loser mother too!!!


Pamela Tews

Anyone that has anything to do with abandoning a child should be punished even if he did change his mind and call the police after he had already left. As for the girlfriend she knew what his plans were why else did she not go to the hospital when in labor or bother to call the police herself when he took the baby. In my opinion they both need to do time and be sterlized so they can't ever attempt to hurt a child again.

Kyle Banicki

i would think that if the guy had to lie he is not in good mental health and should go through psych. eval. not saying he is psychotic but maybe. Otherwise no other charges should be filed. he should be charged with the charges filed cause he did commit them.

nonmember avatar Patty ruchardso

I live in this town and this article is somewhat wrong . this guy DID NOT call the police , he flagged down a newspaper delivery guy and he was the one that called 911. He told the delivery guy that he found the baby. When I first heard this story I asummed the mother was young and therefore didn't know about the safe haven law. But I was wrong. I was told she is in her Thirty's and has another child who is a toddler . this mother knew what they were doing was wrong. But the media is not saying anything about her. I dont know whether its because the police is not saying , or there is more to the story that we don't know. But the bottom line is this is not right and the MOTHER and this man is sick on the head. And should never get this child back. And her other child should be taken away.

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