Man Wears Pink Tutu All Over the World to Support His Wife With Cancer (VIDEO)

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pink tutusFew things in life are ever guaranteed. We would all like to believe that we have forever with our spouses and that no one will ever get sick and die. But we don't. We are all lucky for every single blessed second we get. This is a lesson no one gets more than Bob and Linda Carey, a couple who faced devastating news when Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer.

For many men, this would mean retreating into themselves (or into work) or even burying their heads in the sand and pretending it simply wasn't so. But not Bob Carey. He decided to take the horror show in front of him and turn it into something beautiful. And that is how the Tutu Project was born.

In order to make his wife of more than 20 years laugh, he put on a pink tutu and went around the world wearing it, taking photos. Sounds simple, right? But it's not. See below:

Beautiful, no?

For Linda, the photos provided an opportunity to laugh, something she said helped keep her positive during treatment. But it wasn't just for her. The photos made EVERYONE laugh. She was able to bring them in on her phone and show them around so that people could see Bob on the high line in New York City, twirling shirtless in only a tutu.

It's silly. It's not deep. But it makes Linda laugh, and the more she laughs, the "better she feels." Amen. That's love. True, true love.

Now it has gone beyond just their personal story and has evolved into something else. The Carey Foundation helps young women cope with their diagnoses in new ways and aims to improve their quality of life while they receive treatment. What started as the love between two people has evolved into much, much more. It's so moving to see. 

The Tutu Project can help so many women who are going through this awful time in their lives, but it can also show what real love is and the way that individuals can find to support one another in unique, personal ways. This is so much more than flowers or chocolates or diamond necklaces. THIS is real love.

Do you know any men brave enough to do this for their wives?


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Amanda Briggs

Mine would, in a heart beat!

nonmember avatar christine

so...she's dying and he puts on a tutu and goes on vacation...? I don't think I "get it." How is he "there for her" when he's not "THERE FOR HER." ?

nonmember avatar Karma

We see things like this from husbands and fathers frequently, but what you don't see is wives and mothers doing the same for males. Makes you wonder....

Lenor... Lenore411

In the video the man said it was self therapy, and it helped his wife be more postive.  The guy even said, "This all sucks."  It may seem silly and off, but he's coping while being there for his wife in the best way possible.  I think it's beautiful...  And yes more woman should be shown doing things like this!

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