Missing Family of 6 Last Seen When They Went to 'Play in the Snow' *UPDATED

missing family of 6In a terrifying story out of Nevada, a family of six -- four children and two adults -- is missing. On Sunday afternoon, they went in their black Jeep to play in the snow in the remote mountains of northwest Nevada.

Authorities have sent aircraft and crews on the ground to search for the family -- 34-year-old James Glanton, his girlfriend Christina McIntee, 25, and the four children: a 10-year-old, two 4-year-olds, and a 3-year-old. Only two of the children belong to the couple. The other two are relatives. This means that one mother is out there frantically searching for her little girl. It's hard to even imagine.

Amanda Fitzpatrick, mother of the 10-year-old, Shelby Fitzpatrick, told CNN that she was helping to search the mountains for the missing family:

It's been extremely hard, probably the hardest 24 to 36 hours of my life. It's my baby girl.

Can you even imagine?

The weather has been the biggest deterrent with temperatures dropping below zero again today after plunging to minus-16 degrees the day before. It's possible the group is huddled in their Jeep somewhere as cellphone communication is spotty, but no one knows what supplies they had or whether they were prepared at all for frigid temperatures and nights spent out in the cold.

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These are the kinds of stories that just make your heart race as a parent. I am sure we can all say what we would or wouldn't do in a situation like this, but being out there in the cold, alone, lost with no one to help, it's just impossible to know.

Time is obviously the most important element here. The faster authorities can work to find this family, the more likely they are to have a happy ending to this terrifying story. I can't imagine how helpless the parents of the missing children must feel. I will be hoping and praying that there is a happy conclusion to this scary story.

Wouldn't it be nice if someday this is just a family story about the time they all got lost in the woods in the cold and managed to survive? Please let this be that kind of story.

UPDATE: The family has been found. All were alive.

What do you think might have happened to this family?


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DKk0531 DKk0531

Idk what has happend to them but i live out here, about 1.5 hrs from where they went missing. Temps are really really bad. We are hoping and praying this story has a good end to it.

tmmom2 tmmom2

 Praying for this family!

Alyssa Arneson Lee

That's horrible. Why is it they went to a remote mountain range to play in the snow?

Lindsay LaNae Eversole

I just saw a headline that said they have been found, safe and sound

Charla Lehman




terpmama terpmama

This is why anyone going into the back country should should have avalanche equipment! And a locator.

KJ_on KJ_on

Um this isn't the back country or anywhere u need avalanche gear. Jeez. Better communication with someone who isn't going along wich back road they planned to be on. Glad they are ok but this isn't the wilds of Alaska! Ect.

Mothe... Motherfirst629

Thank God they are all Alive and Well!

Nina St Clair-MacPherson

I live very close to where these folks went MIA...and it is desert....no need for avalanche equipment here. Playing in the snow is what we do, when we get the snow. They did nothing wrong except drive too fast on the road they were on. Thank goodness they were found, safe and sound. No harm, no foul, no reason for crap talk.....

gridi... gridironsmom

So glad they were going alive and well. I was getting worried as time went on...

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