Family of 3 Found Dead & Decomposing in Their Garage Weeks After They Died

family of 3 found in garageIn a horror story that no one ever likes to imagine, the Ferraz do Amaral family of Orlando, Florida was found dead in their garage this past weekend after being there for close to three weeks before anyone noticed.

Forty-five-year-old Marcio Ferraz do Amaral and his wife, 34-year-old Cledione, were behind on their rent, according to authorities, and had recently run into money troubles. He was a pilot and she worked part-time for Disney. The two lived with their 10-year-old daughter in a rented home.

Though police suspect that this was a murder-suicide, it was three weeks before anyone came by to check on the family, all three of whom were found in the garage. Such a tragedy.

Apparently, it was the missing rent that finally forced the landlord to go look. How is this even possible? Wasn't a 10-year-old missing at her school? Didn't they have family who hadn't heard from them?

It's impossible to glean the truth from the sparse details available, but it does send a chill down the spine of any parent. We'd all like to think that if we -- or our children -- were to go missing, someone would care. Even if we do live far from family or close friends. We'd like to believe that is true, wouldn't we?

This family was Brazilian and perhaps lived far from their loved ones. Still, they had a life here -- co-workers, schoolmates, neighbors -- so why did no one check?

This is such a lesson for all of us. If you doubt something, check. Swing by your neighbor's house. Ask how they are. Care more. This is just a horrifying story on so many levels, especially with a child involved. Even if there was no stranger who broke into the home and no imminent danger to the community, it does highlight the sad ways we are all on our own, and it seems so terribly wrong.

My heart goes out to the Ferraz do Amaral family members who have to deal with this horrible tragedy.

How do you think this went three weeks without notice?


Image via Anthony Easton/Flickr

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adamat34 adamat34

People dont care about each other anymore. Everyone has their heads up their ass. one from the child's school noticed anything. Such a bizarre case. Rest in peace.

sylph... sylph_ironlight

Sad :(

Also, please, please proofread your article.

'Didn't they have family who had not hard from them?'

'Even if their was no stranger...'


nonmember avatar Charity

Isn't it obvious how this family was missing for three weeks without anyone noticing? No one cared enough to check on them. After all, they were not hidden from society. These parents were both employed by companies that have many employees, supervisors, etc... They were supposed to report to work. What about the pilot husband with an assumably rigid schedule? Their 10-yr-old daughter had a teacher, who is supposed to be held accountable for his/her students and report absenses--3 weeks?!?! Can someone say 'excessive'??? Everyone who knew this family has failed them! My heart goes out to them, not the ones who didn't care enough to pick up the phone or drop by.

nonmember avatar Daniela Ruiz

If you actually did care you would have not posted this in the first place. I think it is absolutely despicable and horrifying that you would post an article when you know so little about the family, the case and the child. If your heart actually reached out to the family, you would have never published this article to begin with because the last thing that their family needs is for such a horrid description of their family to appear on the internet. For the sake of the little girl and their family, I do suggest that you take this down as they are mourning the loss of not ONE, but THREE loved family members. How would you feel if they were part of your family? Or even a friend? Nobody has respect or care about others anymore and the author of this article is a perfect example.

nonmember avatar Co-worker

I knew Cledione from work a couple of years ago, and her daughter was being home schooled for the past school year. She also mentioned once that they were estranged from their Brazilian family for the past few years... She was very sweet, loved by all and very proud of her daughter!

nonmember avatar Margaret

Sometimes when families are in trouble they isolate themselves out of shame. They can not bring themselves to be honest about what they face in order to ask for help or let anyone know they might need help. The little girl might have been bullied at school and her family tried to shield and protect her at home. Who knows what would cause an estrangement from family far away, maybe the relatives in Brazil kept asking for more and more money and this family sent more than they could afford and neglected their own little family. It is truly sad that they did not seek help.

nonmember avatar rosangela

I know for a fact that when a Brazilian moves to the US, the rest of the family members think they should get hand-outs and cars, money, and all the material possessions on the backs of those living in the US. I have seen a lot of Brazilian families who end up stranged from their own in Brazil because of the greediness of those left behind who think they are entitled to things.

Raphael Amaral

I know his parents. I´m part of the same family and his father is a cousin of my father. Now we´re facing some problems with the Brazilian consulate, which does not help the family here.

nonmember avatar Yamil Dutra

Very sad story, that probably involves a deep depression, feeling of social impotence and, probably, and all this added to a sentiment of possession of other people's life as if they were things object to one's one and only will. According to what people are reporting in the above comments all facts were working against this small family.

Tina Nunez

Easy! You don't get along with Family. Co-workers well its all about caring.

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