Honor Student Senselessly Shot Dead By Campus Police for Speeding

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police lightsA 23-year-old student is dead after being shot by campus police for speeding. This is just wrong. No one should be speeding or driving erratically as it was reported Robert Cameron Redus was doing, but doing so does not mean a person should be shot dead. By campus police. The details of this story are heart-wrenching and confusing, and will leave you wondering why this happened. What made the campus officer Corporal Chris Carter, 35, open fire on Redus at 2 a.m. just a few blocks from the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas, where Redus studied?

Has our culture become too quick with a gun? Have those in charge stopped thinking with a rational mind?

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Redus was a straight-A student and was graduating in May. Of course grades and time of graduation doesn't really matter in this case -- even if he was a failing student, he shouldn't have been shot. He shouldn't be dead.

Redus pulled over into the parking lot of his apartment building after reportedly speeding and driving dangerously and being tailed by the police officer. Carter approached his car and the two began arguing. Redus had exited the car and there was some kind of struggle. The witness, neighbor Mohammad Haidaras, said he heard Redus say "Oh you're gonna shoot me?" in a sarcastic tone about a minute before four to six shots were fired. Haidaras lived just below Redus and described him as "the nicest guy."

Friends have come forward saying how kind and gentle and non-aggressive Redus was, and no on can understand how something like this could escalate in such a short time leaving a young man dead.

Carter has been put on administrative leave while the investigation is going on. Apparently he had called for back-up, but a witness reported there was no verbal warnings to Redus. One said, "I didn't hear him say anything like, 'Get down on your hands and knees,' you know? I didn't hear him say anything. He just started shooting. He emptied the gun on him."

The family has put out a statement: "We are understandably devastated by the death of our dear son Cameron and we ask for your prayers as we deal with our tragic loss. We trust that God is faithful and will see us through this most difficult time."

My thoughts are with them. It didn't have to end like this.

Do you think police show too much force?


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adamat34 adamat34

They do. On ths flip side sometimes to much caution can get them killed.

Im glad witnesses came.forward in support of this being excessive. There is no excuse. The police departments should probably start requiring extensive psychological testing as there are a lot of unstabe egomaniacal can do no wrong police. They seem to have adopted a God like attitude in regards to their power. This kind of bs needs to end. This.is murder plain and simple. Hopefully the DAs office will prosecute to the full extent. Prayers to the family of is poor boy.

nonmember avatar Stephen jones

The police here in America have been killing people, young and old with the clear knowledge that they will never be charged or convicted for murder for decades and it needs to stop. But absolute power corrupts absolutely.

runfar66 runfar66

Wow, really ? "Shot dead for speeding"??? Not! He was shot because this "straight A college student" started an altercation with the officer and this officer was in fear for his life ! Do you seriously think this officer just randomly picked a motorist who was driving carefully down the road and decided to stop him, pick a fight and struggle with him so he could shoot him? Michelle Zipp, you should be ashamed of this completely slanted and judgmental article.

runfar66 runfar66

Ok Stephen Jones. Let's see your statistics that police are "killing people young and old"... You are out of your mind.

Daisy... DaisyJupes

A warning is unnecessary for it to be justified. If you pull a gun or otherwise threaten the life of a police officer (by physically assaulting them), they don't need to warn you. Warnings are for when people can reasonably be stopped, like holding a knife more than 21 feet away. Within 21 feet, they can stab you just as quick as you can pull your gun and shoot. 

Cops are not trained to shoot to wound (that idea is just stupid), they are trained to shoot to kill, so if a physical altercation occurs and they have to shoot, they are usually in major fear of their lives and will shoot multiple times. If they were trained to shoot to wound, the number of shots would matter more. 

nonmember avatar james

this is a load of bias bs. Police arent going to pull someone over and shoot them!! The officer was obviously threatened greatly. For the police their gun is their last resort. This also doesn't say anything about whether the victim was intoxicated which he well could've been.You people are lucky that the police are here to protect us

nonmember avatar Shannon

Getting out of the car on a traffic stop and arguing with a cop? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Sky Lar

What this article didn't mention is that

        - this particular campus officer had had 9 different security jobs in the past 8 years

        - that his stint at UIW was the longest he had been any place at 7 months

        - he pulled someone over on a CITY street OFF CAMPUS even though he was only a campus police office and should have called a real polife officer which I question how legal that even is

         - the student was a Valedictorian in high school and he has had piles of friends and family coming out and saying that he was not in any way aggressive.


All that together makes me thing something is not quite right here and it suggests that this particular officer might not be the most stable person. I mean why had he been fired or left all those other jobs?


nonmember avatar Fred Flintstone

The officer should be arrested and put on trial for murder. The police are not the law but sworn to uphold it.

nonmember avatar Common Sense

The comments of justification posted above doesn't make any moral or professional sense.. A unharm irate person doesn't cause for anyone to unload/ shooting to kill..because they are afraidlp. OK even and I mean even if you feel threaten All Police Officers have been taught Self Defense.. using alternative ways to handle the situation.. Come on, is Shoot to Kill the first resolve... in that case why train people. You most be a family member or friend to the Officers. I don't know either one, but wrong is wrong. Have a heart and common sense..

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