Newlyweds Allegedly Killed a Man Together for the 'Thrill of It' (VIDEO)

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craisglist killing miranda barbour A newly married couple in Sunbury, Pennsylvania is charged with luring a man into their car and murdering him for "the sheer thrill of it." 22-year-old Elytte Barbour and his 18-year-old wife, Miranda Barbour, allegedly killed 42-year-old Troy La Ferrara after picking him up at a mall in their Honda CRV. Miranda was charged on Wednesday, while Elytte was charged last night in the death of LaFerrara, whose body was found in an alleyway. They're both being held without bail.

Police say Miranda had initially lured the victim through a Craigslist dating advertisement before strangling him and stabbing him repeatedly with Elytte. Apparently, the couple "just wanted to murder someone together," Sunbury Police Corporal Brad Hare told Reuters. SO horrifying.

Miranda originally told authorities that she had killed La Ferrara in self-defense, but then confessed that she and Elytte murdered him together.

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Making this disturbing matter even more complicated and insane: Police said the death of the father of Miranda's 1 1/2-year-old child could lead to further murder investigations linked to the Barbours in other states ... And Elytte apparently hinted that he and Miranda had tried to kill before, but it hadn't worked out, noting, "La Ferrara was just the one with whom it worked," he told police.

Here's hoping authorities get to the bottom of this disturbing chain of events -- and are able to punish accordingly.

What do you think should be done with the Barbours?



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Danielle Troth

its amazing that tese lunatics found eachother.

kayba... kaybayblee3

I agree with Danielle. What the f*** is wrong with people these days?! "Just for the thrill of it"...SMH

PinkB... PinkButterfly66

Psychopaths, the both of them.  Put them away for a very, very, very, long time.  80 years a piece ought to do it.

Taisie Taisie

And people wonder why I have very few friends, and go hardly anywhere, to quote the Daria show it's a "sick, sad, world"

hello... hellokd87

Lol Taisie!! I'm the same way and even at that I only prefer to go to "safe" places.

sabri... sabrina_ervin

It's a sad world we live in that people think that it is ok to do these type of thing.  They are sick and deserve each other and to rot in hell

Heath... HeatherMarieT88

I live about twenty minutes from Sunbury! Around here we call it Scumbury because of all the low life criminals living in that area.

Linda Owen

When you take God out of society, you end up with a society with no clear guidelines. Evil is definately in the hearts of humanity. The light of the Lord, and His eternal word, must be applied.

nonmember avatar Christie

Linda - actually over 98% of prisoners identify as Christians or other religions. I don't think that's the issue. I would say the issue is these people have no morals or sense of right or wrong. You don't need god to be a good person and on the flip side I'm not saying all believers are bad either. However these were just two very sick people that did something disgusting and hopefully get the death penalty or life with no parole.

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