Waitress Fired After Reporting Breastfeeding Mom to the Cops (VIDEO)

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Jackie Conners

Gah. Can't anyone do what they feel is right without being penalized for it these days? A waitress in Arkansas claims she was fired from her job simply because she called the police after seeing a breastfeeding mom drinking alcohol at the restaurant where she worked.

Jackie Conners says she saw Tasha Adams consuming "drink after drink" at Gusano's Pizzeria -- all while breastfeeding her child at the same time. And because Jackie is also a mother, something didn't sit right with her about the whole deal (I wonder why?) -- so she decided turning Tasha in to police was what she needed to do.

Adams wound up being arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a minor.

But just a couple days after that, Jackie no longer had a job.

Check out this video to hear more about what happened from her perspective.

Huh. That must have been a tough spot to be in for sure. On the one hand, it's common knowledge that simultaneous breastfeeding and boozing don't exactly mix -- but it had to be tough for Jackie to call the cops on another mom.

And while the restaurant insists she was not fired because of the call -- it does seem a little fishy that they aren't willing to disclose their reason for cutting Jackie loose. Doesn't the timing of the firing seem a little too convenient for it to be a result of anything other than Tasha being arrested? I know there are two sides to every story ... but ...

It's such a shame that she lost her job, but if what Jackie says is true and Tasha really was sucking back alcoholic beverages while breastfeeding -- I can't say that I blame her for taking matters into her own hands.

I think I'd probably be inclined to speak up and say something if I thought a child (and in particular a baby) were in danger -- even if it meant there might be some sort of consequences afterward.

How about you -- would you call police if you saw a mom drinking and breastfeeding at the same time?


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Mrseoc Mrseoc

This waitress had no right to call the cops. It's debateable how much alcohol is too much. Maybe this woman was only on her second drink? Even if it was her third or fourth this waitress was out of line to step in and call the cops. Can i call the cops next time i see a preganat woman smoking a cigarette? Because that's not even debateable, thats a big fat no no. Drinking while nursing actually helps let down your milk, and only a percentage of the alcohol gets into the breastmilk. Unless this waitress is also an OBGYN, or pediatrician and was counting the drinks this woman was consuming, then it was out of line. Even if those things held true... it's still not her place to call the police. 

When is it going to be ok for pregnant woman and nursing woman to make their own decisions regarding their children without outsiders opinions. 

Movie... Moviebuff

^ I agree with you.

nonmember avatar Sam

Totally out of line. The cops should never ever have been called. The waitress had absolutely NO right to do that. Honestly, she got what she deserved by being fired. Stay out of other people's business.

Mark Cox

so this gets you fired..but lying about homophobia,doctoring a reciept,and taking money from people thru fraud...is a-ok

mfrentz mfrentz

In reality the milk the baby was getting was already produced so no alcohol should have been in it. Its the milk after you drink that would have the alcohol in it. It also takes an hour per ounce for your system to get rid of it, so there is just a miniscule amount of alcohol in the milk. I have had a glass on wine while feeding my LO, and yes I would do it again. There's no reason I can't. My doctor even said it was OK. I don't drink everyday, and never enough to get drunk.

the4m... the4mutts

Ehhh.... since I wasn't there, I can't really say.

Maybe the woman was there having drinks for a couple hours, and sucked down 5-6, and had to nurse more than once, in which case the mother might have been drunk and nursing. Not a good idea, at all.

But maybe this waitress is one of those holier-than-thou breastfeeding nazis, who thinks having 1-2 drinks during dinner, then nursing, makes you akin to an angry baby beating child abuser.

If the mother was arrested, I guess it's really just up to her and her lawyers to figure out if she was within her rights, or endangering her child.

Em Chappell-Root

And was the mother going to be driving her self and the baby home after consuming those drinks, endangering her and the childs safety as well as everyone else? if she wasn't breast feeding, just drunk in public, it's still a crime, especially if she was going to drive.


brand... brandspanknnew

This waitress was completely out of line. Unless the woman was beligerently drunk, actually endangering her childs life, then she should have just gone about her business. Then maybe she would have kept her job.

Freela Freela

I was always told that drinking a couple of drinks while bf'ing was fine.  I very seldom did, but I did at times have a couple of glasses or wine or a beer or two and don't think I needed the cops called on me.

laris... larissalarie

Does the restaurant also call the police on formula feeding moms who have a few too many? Being an infant in the care of a drunk person is "child endangerment" weather BF or FF.

For all we know, the server is uneducated about breastfeeding and is among the many who think alcohol is totally off limits when BF. So she freaked out and called the authorities after the mom had a drink or two. If that's the case, items sad that the mom is a victim of ignorance.

If the mom was truly downing tons of alcohol, then maybe it was the right call.

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