Stranger Generously Pays for Groceries for the 10 People Behind Him In Line

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grocery storeWe all talk about 'tis the season and good will toward men and doing good deeds, and many of us do them -- big and small -- and every one makes a difference. Kindness can be catching and that is evidenced when a clothing company generously decided to clothe the homeless after seeing the homeless U.S. Veteran's time lapse makeover video. They then unexpectedly helped even more when they met a man who was trying to get home to his family in the Czech Republic. They booked him a one-way flight.

What an amazing gesture of kindness. Another man caught the kindness bug and while on line checking out his groceries, he decided to pay for the next 10 customers in line as well.

This random act of kindness happened in Houston area grocery store HEB off Highway 59 and Grand Parkway. The man, who has not been identified, told the cashier he wanted to pay for the next 10 customer's groceries.

Destinie Rodgers was one of the workers there and she said she had never seen anything like this. "When one of the ladies started crying, I got a little teary eyed. I thought, 'Oh my God, this is real. He's really doing this.' It was so nice."

Costumer Lauren Tucker was one of the lucky ones who had her groceries paid for. She at first felt guilty for accepting it, but then realized the message. She said, "we need to be kind to everybody" and not just on Thanksgiving. The man ended up spending about $1000 for his kindness that no doubt touched the lives of each of those 10 people, who will go on to tell the story to their families, and who will probably end up paying it forward. 

I just want to say thank you to this kind stranger. Thank you to the person who held the door open for me at the store the other day. Thank you to the lady who alerted me my sunglasses fell out of my pocket and picked them up and returned them to me. Thank you for all the kindness -- I will definitely return the favor by carrying that mindset on.

Share your stories of kindness you've received from strangers.


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Jennifer Smith Urquhart

I took my three children out to dinner one year when my husband was deployed overseas. We were all sporting our Navy tee shirts. A stranger paid for our check and our servier said he had already left. I asked "can I leave a tip?" "Oh no he covered that." Well we are getting dessert so I will get that. "Oh no he left more than enough." Our check was $120. and whoever he was, he paid for it all.

Lenor... Lenore411

Sucks to have been the 11th customer lol

Mae Clark

People like this shows that there is still kindness in this crazy world that we live in. God bless this man and all of the others for all their acts of kindness big and small.

Momma... Mommabearbergh

For all the bad that goes down it is so nice to know there is good.

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