'Black Thursday' Shopping Ban Shouldn't Be Limited to 3 States

Shoppers lined up for coffee in the mall black fridayForget Black Friday ... This year is all about "Black Thursday," aka shopping ON Thanksgiving. Because why should we stay home and be with our families, eating turkey, talking to one another, being merry without spending money ... when we could be at the MALL, nabbing doorbusters and deals on TVs, phablets, Xboxes, Baby Alive dolls, etc.!?! Ugh.

That seems to be the disheartening rationale of a few retailers with Thanksgiving shopping hours this year ... But thankfully (see what I did there?), it'll be illegal for stores to open on Turkey Day in at least three states! Rhode Island, Maine, and Massachusetts all have "blue laws," dating back to colonial times that ban shopping on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sounds like something that should be a FEDERAL law, extended to all states!

While various states still have blue laws outlawing shopping or purchasing of certain goods (like alcohol) on Sunday, only these three New England states -- as well as Bergen county, New Jersey, known for its strict Sunday shopping ban, which extends to some of the state's biggest, most popular malls -- are flat-out refusing to allow Black Thursday. BRAVO to those local governments for standing their ground, despite efforts of retail groups to complain that shoppers are crossing into other states (womp, womp!) and aggressive attempts to change the laws.

This isn't just about preserving a day in which we are forced to focus on something other than materialism and commercialism. It's about giving workers a reprieve and the chance to be with their loved ones on one of the biggest, most family-oriented holidays of the year! The idea of Black Thursday is so unnerving for that reason alone. Are we really okay with being so greedy that we can't even give retail workers a break on Thanksgiving?

According to the AP, I'm not alone in my thinking. Plenty of would-be shoppers are opposed to the idea of shopping on Thanksgiving. Only 13 percent would prefer stores stayed open, according to a Huffington Post/YouGov poll. Although, sadly, I have to wonder ... who knows how many people are saying they disagree with it -- and then actually lining up in front of stores tomorrow?

How do you feel about Black Thursday?


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amber... amberdotsmom

Don't get too excited about Bergan Counties Sunday shopping ban. Sure it makes the roads a ghost town on Sunday but they are deadly on Saturday as everyone tries to get in their weekly errands, shop with the kids etc. since it leaving working Mom's just one day to accomplish that.  On the other hand grocery shopping on Sunday morning is a breeze.

I don't understand why we have all this focus on "shopping" - as long as we have restaurants open, football games played (not the players who rake it in - think about the ticket takers, security and especially those poor people schlepping beer and hot dogs up and down stairs) why have plenty of people working for things that aren't necessary.  Not that I'm for shopping on Thanksgiving, I'm not paticipating in black friday at all and will stay away from all stores until at least middle of next week.  I just think it's hypocritical to have this whole grass roots don't make us work on family day thing going for this one industry when we ignore all of the other non-essential (non emergency, power etc) working that goes one.  Either you're for ALL non-essential work stopping or you let people and companies decide for themselves, you can't have it both ways.  So, anyone want to sign up to boycott all sporting events tomorrow?

Kattey Kattey

I'm for ALL nonessential work being closed. And those black Friday deals are a gimmick anyway, anyone with half a brain knows this.

Rando... Randomlady

I like that they are doing that, and amberdotsmom has a point, Saturday is going to be hectic.

P.S. why do people call Thanksgiving turkey day? doesn't that take away all the heartwarming feelings about the holiday and family gathering and just make it feel like dinner?

nonmember avatar angie

I am 100% against the government telling private businesses when they can be open. I think it is awful to be open on Thanksgiving but let the owners decide if they want to be open and the public decide if they want to shop there.

work4... work4mickey

I'm with angie. I don't like that retail stores are open on Thanksgiving and blatantly promoting it, but I think telling retailers that they cannot choose to be open certain days because you feel it's immoral is setting a dangerous precident. Who gets to decide which days are sacred, and which ones aren't?

Nelli... NellieAthome

How do I feel about "Black Thursday" Ms Brown? I say that anything businesses can do to make a profit and keep people employed is to be encouraged instead of banned.

And why should stores be forced to close on Thanksgiving and Christmas? If you are forcing them to close on Christmas because people should be with their families then why not close on Easter, Ramadan, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Yom Kipper  and every other religious holiday of every other religion that exists?

Big surprise here but not everyone on America wants to observe Thanksgiving and/or Christmas  and, as a RELIGIOUS holiday, the federal government should not be observing Christmas at all, much less trying to mandate how people observe (or does not observe) the day.

Happy... Happydad73

Oh yeah this is brilliant. Lets make sure that all shopping is banned on thanksgiving and all restaurants are closed, and gas stations because they are so incredibly greedy to sell gas in thanksgiving. Oh yeah, shut down all the phamacies and drug stores too!! They have some nerve being open incase someone needs something! And movie theaters, they are taking people away from their family celebeations!!! What, you want them to stay open? But don't they deserve the day off with their familes? That is after all the rationale used for not having stores be open. Seems different when its something you want open on thanksgiving day doesn't it.

Nelli... NellieAthome

Randomlady since no one makes you shop when you do not want to why would you support a law that prevents people who do want to shop (and businesses that DO want to stay in businesses) from doing what they want to do?

Why are your preferences such that they should be forced on others?

Bmabes Bmabes

It's borderline unconstitutional to tell private retailers when they can and cannot be open. Why are thanksgiving and Christmas such a big deal, yet Hanukkah and labor day are not? Separation of church and state isn't elective

nonmember avatar nancystorm22

Well nellyathome Thanksgiving is our countrys history! I thought everyone knew about the pilgrims and the mayflower so no its not religious! I dont know where you got that from. Open a history book.

Xmas though is celebrated yes its religious but that what thia country was built on and our founding fathers would be truly offended by all the people who are trying to change their work.

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