Quadruple Amputee Soldier & Girlfriend Show the World What True Love Looks Like (PHOTOS)

Taylor MorrisIt's a horrific story that will renew your faith in all the magic that is true love. After graduating high school back in 2007, Taylor Morris found his passion as an EOD (explosive ordinance disposal) tech in the Navy, trained to know the ins and outs of bombs. Morris deployed to Afghanistan in January 2012 and in May of last year was injured after stepping on an IED. He lost both of his legs, right hand, and left arm from the bicep down. Taylor is now a quadruple amputee

Through it all, though, Taylor had the love of his family and, most importantly, his girlfriend Danielle Kelly. Loving someone in the military can often be hard, but dealing with the repercussions of a frightening accident like Taylor's ... I can hardly imagine. The good news? Danielle isn't going anywhere, and they have the photos of this difficult journey to prove it. Grab the tissues, you're gonna need 'em:

WARNING -- some of these photos are graphic in nature.

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Does Taylor and Danielle's love inspire you to be a better partner?


Image via taylormorris.org

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nonmember avatar Tank


Lilit... Lilith.23

Tank troll away idiot.

That made me tear up, so cute <3 <3

they are lovely together.

ZacsA... ZacsAuntie

I read about them on thechive.com soon after this happened his story was so amazingly tragic and inspiring all at the same time. http://chivecharities.org/campaigns/taylor-morris   As strong and heroic as he is she is the very same to be able to be there for him when many people (because it happens all the time) would leave. Their love is the kind for story books and it warms the heart.

Paws84 Paws84

Tank, go to hell you assclown. How dare you make fun of someone because he lost limbs. I hope you don't live in America because you don't deserve to. Don't comment on anything that has to do with a true patriot again.

nonmember avatar Tank

I live in America, what are you going to do about it? And I can comment on anything I want. This is the internet....you have no power to do anything to me lol. 😈

Bmabes Bmabes

Don't feed the trolls. Such a great story!!! They're both such beautiful people

nonmember avatar Katie

Went to highschool with them. She is not as sweet as she seems. She was a bully in highschool.

Jaghd810 Jaghd810

A lot of people are bullies in highschool and become different people when they grow up.  Sorry hs sucked for you katie.  but get over it.  like everyone else in the world.  she has stuck by her man through this difficult time.  not many young women would have done the same.  this is an old story though.  the chive raised a lot of money for them.

nonmember avatar katie

Only reason she is still with him is because she likes the attention

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