Kate Middleton Betrayed by Person She Should Have Been Able to Trust

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Prince William and Kate MiddletonIf there's one person you should never mess with, it's probably Kate Middleton. Why's that? Well, because not only will you have the Royals on your back, but you'll also have her zillions of adoring, loyal fans to deal with. Apparently the duchess has had a change of heart when it comes to one very important thing: her hair. According to reports, Middleton has had a falling out with her hairstylist, James Pryce, the man who famously perfected her hair for her wedding.

After Will and Kate's big day, Pryce apparently tried to make a name for himself here in the United States by going on a solo tour. Pryce launched a Twitter account and Facebook page showcasing a ton of photos of Kate to promote his business, which you could imagine, doesn't sit well with the Palace.

Eeeeesh. Bad move, Buster.

I just can't help but laugh. I mean, Pryce had a killer gig! He was stying the hair of a woman who has her photograph taken a bazillion times each day! A woman whose hair EVERYONE adores! Then he went and let the fame from his work get to his head and BAM, now he's know as the man who used to do Kate's hair (definitely not as cool).

The most ironic part of all of this? Pryce bragged that his relationship with Kate was "built on trust and discretion," back when she was getting married. Well then, Mr. Pryce, maybe if you were a bit more trustworthy and not attempting to use Kate's name to get your foot in the door somewhere else, you wouldn't be in this situation, eh?

Do you think it was wrong of Kate's hairstylist to take advantage of her?


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Debbie Nalley

yes i do money hungry u will lose most of the time

nonmember avatar LindyBugs11

Kate's clothing designers don't need to brag. Everyone wants to know who dresses her, and who does her hair. He really messed up here because he didn't need to promote himself. His work was enough. But he also showed his true self, so she is better off without him now.

Donna Fanatia

Yes he should be tare and feather for such disloyalty and greedy person he is. SHAME on you.

David O'Berry

I don't wish to feature myself with the Royals in any way, shape or form, but my brother is married to a hair stylist and when I was in poor financial shape, I went to him with a request for rescue. His wife made it a mission to tell my tale of woe, which got told to a former neighbor that I grew up with. The fformer neighbor happened to be best friends with my wife's brother and when the tale trickle down happened, it destroyed our marriage. I haven't spoken to my brother for three years now. Not because I don't love my brother, but because I can't trust the flow of information. When you are entrusted with a confidence, it's up to you to put the proper value on that trust. What he did was wrong. You don't have friendships for personal gain, you have friendships for the value of friendships.

Sharon Holmes-Riley

no more than anyone else would....cripes get over it , if you are royalty or have your face all over the world, get use to it....who cares if they see pictures of her....

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