Woman's Facebook Photo of Puppy in Plastic Bag Gets Her Arrested (PHOTO)

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puppy in a bagForty-four-year-old Mary Snell of Bernalillo County, New Mexico, got a brand new baby Chihuahua. Snell named her 8-week-old furry friend Baby and she seemed to be really excited to show her off to all her Facebook friends. But she wanted to get the point across exactly how tiny little Baby was so she stuffed him in a Ziploc freezer bag and had her son, 21-year-old Britton James Engel, take a photo.

We all know that putting a living thing in a plastic bag is a bad idea. A really bad idea -- it's deadly. Even Mary Snell, the woman who put her puppy in a plastic bag, knows this. She and her son were arrested because of this photo and facing felony animal cruelty charges. We all know she went too far just for a photo, but have the police gone too far as well?

I think she just had a momentary lapse of judgement. She didn't intend to hurt the puppy. The top of the bag wasn't sealed. It was a moment in time -- probably only lasted as long as it took to take the photo. The police say that the way the puppy was in the bag with its nose pressed up against the sides could have killed the dog, depriving her of oxygen. Baby, thankfully, is doing just fine and wasn't harmed. She's living with another family member for now.

Snell and Engel are still charged with a felony. That's very serious. And seems a little too harsh for the crime. I'm not saying what she did was right -- it was wrong. But we have to look at intent. She didn't intend to hurt the puppy. The puppy wasn't hurt. She thought it was funny. It's certainly not at all funny. But perhaps a misdemenor with some community service at a humane animal shelter is more fitting in this situation. 

We've all done things we realize was wrong. It happens. We're human, not perfect beings who never make mistakes. Nowadays though, our mistakes are often broadcasted on social networks and the world can see, and therefore we get judged on a grander scale. And maybe because of the internet and all this social networking, we are too quick to share too much or make some kind of funny point with a photograph in order to get some sort of reaction from our online friends. Who knows. Today everything is so instant. Too fast. Too much. Maybe we aren't stopping and thinking. Taking a moment to realize, hey this is a bad idea.

Snell could have proved her point by taking a photo of the pup next to a coffee mug or even just her hand. I certainly do not tolerate animal abuse, or abuse of any kind. This is a terrible thing, and a terrible story. I'm glad abusers get caught from posting photos of abuse they inflicted on others -- they deserve to be caught and held accountable. I just feel that Snell didn't intend to abuse the puppy and made a mistake that thankfully didn't harm the pup. Justice can be better served in this case by education.

What do you think? Does this mother and son deserve felony charges for this?

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knitt... knittykitty99

I think only a very cruel person would have the stomach to do this - even if the dog wasn't harmed.

mande... manderspanders

Ya know, there's a video going around on facebook that shows a younger woman throwing little puppies into a river. An entire litter of puppies.  It seems to me that needs to be investigated and the people involved arrested for cruelty and torture... 

This, though?  No... was it dumb? YES.  But she didn't harm her baby and had no intent to do so.  I'd hate to see a world where we can get arrested for merely doing a dumb thing on occassion.

wendy... wendywendy

People should be held accountable for their mistakes.  They made two; putting the puppy in the bag and then posting the pic on facebook.  Someone running a red light and crashing into another car had a lapse of judgement, made a mistake.  Their intent was not to injure another driver.  If they need to be held accountable, should these people as well?  Intent shouldn't be the measurement for accountability.

wendy... wendywendy

And, if it were a human infant, everyone would say they need to be prosecuted.  Even if they did not intend to hurt the infant and the infant was not hurt.

Eddie... EddiesMama1983

They should be arrested because we needed harsher animal cruelty charges. 

lasombrs lasombrs

We need stronger penalties for animal cruelty. I think they should be charged

nonmember avatar terri

really? in a world full of cancer, drug abuse, child abuse, school shootings, people dying bc they're homeless or don't have healthcare, and animals ACTUALLY BEING ABUSED this is what we are worried about? there are videos of humans and animals being tortured and killed all over the internet, but this woman has makes an ignorant mistake and gets a felony charge? my goodness... where are our priorities? if she had truly intended to cause harm to the puppy, I wouldve hoped she be punished to the fullest extent of the law, but for this? no.

Ashley Kidd

aborted babies are put in plastic bags all the time and we dont bat an eye!

tobza... tobzangel

From the look they display in their pictures neither one of em look like they're "playin with a full deck".

nonmember avatar annoyedatu

A felony? Really, New Mexico? Don't you think your time would be better spent going after real criminals? Maybe rapists, pedo, and murderers? Oh, but that would take actual police work. My bad! Puh leease. This woman was hardly drowning the puppy in a river! The dog wasn't being harmed. Her intentions clearly were not malicious. The only reason this is even news is because of the idiot peta-type extremists. If those same nut bags reacted this way and were as sympethetic about mistreated people of their OWN SPECIES instead of wasting their time lynching people like this lady who obviously just made a dumb mistake, maybe the world wouldnt be full of f-d up people!

I had a friend whose pet cat liked to jump in paper bags to sleep inside them, maybe we should lock her up too! Gimme a break. People need to use their f ing brains!!!

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