Father Who Starved & Tortured His Daughter Didn't Get the Proper Punishment

father crimeI know we hear a lot about bad parenting these days, but this story officially takes the cake.

A Wisconsin man who locked his daughter in a basement, starved her until she was a mere 68 pounds, and allowed her to be beaten and sexually assaulted, is now facing serious jail time. The little girl was tortured from the ages of 10 through 16 until she finally escaped wearing only her pajamas.

Now, the victim is seeking justice.

The father, Chad Chritton, wasn't alone in this crime. He also had the help of his stepson, who would go down to the basement to assault the young girl, and his wife, who would beat her. The victim was often denied food and would have to resort to begging.

The family tried to give excuses for why the girl looked so malnourished, explaining she suffered from bulimia. The father also pleaded that she stayed in the basement because a psychologist claimed it was a good idea. He even called the girl's suffering a mistake.

There was absolutely no "mistake" in purposely torturing your daughter -- your own flesh and blood -- for six years. It's nauseating that he could even utter those words as an excuse.

The wife ended up getting sentenced to five years in prison, the stepson will stand trial next year, but something rubs me the wrong way about Chris Chritton's sentence. He was found guilty of three felonies: second-degree reckless endangerment, child abuse and causing mental harm to a child. But only faces up to 34 years in prison. Something doesn't seem right here. I think that man deserves to be locked up for his entire life. And I'm sure that little girl would agree.

Do you think justice was served?

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Carme... Carmen8706

Of course not. It never is. For some reason, crimes against children are never taken seriously. If they were, no child abusers or killer would ever leave prison outside of a body bag.

lmh84 lmh84

It always upsets me when it comes to crimes against children. Criminals get life sentences for murdering adults (as they should) and barely get any time for killing children. The thing is, adults have a higher chance of being able to defend themselves while harmless children can't do much for themselves or are afraid to. It's just a messed up system.

nonmember avatar j

hang him by his b*llz


I noticed that these people are not exactly svelte and that stepmother is just a fat fuck. Starve a child and they eat like pigs and say she only likes to eat crumbs.How can that woman only get 5yrs when that child has been in hell for 6? There should have been a false imprisonment charge to this also. Do wish they would have said what happened to the girls real mom,that wasn't mentioned.

IHear... IHeartCake

The wife only received a 5 year sentence?  Talk about a slap on the wrist!  The father is a danger to all children and so should be imprisoned for life. 

Pixie030 Pixie030

Sounds too much like that poor girl, Sylvia Likens, who unfortunately never made it out of her hell alive. Anyone who thinks that sounds like a good idea is a pathetic sad F#@! who deserves to be put down. Not in the easy, give them a shot and let them drift off to sleep... try starving the parents to death first while letting the rest of the prisoners know how he treated his daughter. As far as the stepson goes, can't say, don't know his age, the parts he actually played in it and how much he did on his own and how much he was told to do by these sad excuses for humans.

Rosemary Duffy

No, I do not-he should never be free again-the man is a sadist and a sociopath. What he did is cruel beyond belief-put him in general pop and let them do to him what he did to his daughter-the same goes for the stepson. The mother got off easy-her sentence should have been much longer


river... rivertreasure

life for all three and should be put in solatary confinement with " crumbs ", pushed under their cell doors and tht still WOULDNT be enough punishment for these maggots tht dont deserve to be called humans!

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