Puppy Tortured to Death Finally Gets Justice She Deserves

Once was a time when animals were considered to have no more legal rights than furniture. Thank goodness that is changing! It's been proven that those who torture and kill animals are much more likely to grow up to be criminals, eventually torturing and killing people. But it's not always about us, you know. Animals feel just as people do. Unfortunately, they don't have our voices. We have to be their voices. One pit bull puppy, called Puppy Doe, will have justice thanks to the voices of thousands who were outraged over the poor pooch's alleged horrific torture at the hands of Radoslaw Czerkawski. He is charged with 12 counts of animal abuse, remains behind bars on $500,000 bond, and faces 55 years in prison. No more slaps on the wrist for animal killers!


Poor little Doe allegedly had been tortured at the hands of Czerkawski for several weeks. The pup had been stabbed in the eye, burned, had her limbs repeatedly pulled out from the joints in "medieval times torture" and had her tongue sliced in a fork shape like a serpent. Her spine had also been crushed.

She was found weighing half what she should have, barely alive, and tortured cruelly beyond belief, tossed out to die in a park in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Luckily, she was found and given some love, warmth and care before she tragically had to be put to sleep because of the extent of her injuries.

Animal support groups rallied around to offer rewards and keep up pressure to find the sick individual who did this. The police took the case very seriously. And they eventually found their suspect.

Czerkawski had gotten Doe for $40 on Craiglist. Never, EVER give away an animal for free! And if you're going to sell it or ask for a donation, thoroughly investigate who you are giving an animal to. Check vet references and visit their home. (Czerkawski lied and said he had a farm in Connecticut. Asking to visit the farm that he did not have would have immediately kept the puppy out of his hands.)

Czerkawski is also accused of stealing checks from a church and misleading police.

Police are confident Czerkawski is their man -- they say they found Puppy Doe's blood on his apartment floor. Disgusting! This "man" deserves everything he gets and more.

It's about time that animal killers and abusers get hard time for their crimes. If Czerkawski gets the max, he won't be out until he's almost 90 -- if he makes it out at all.

Through it all, vets say that Puppy Doe, despite what she'd been through, was loving and friendly to all. Can you imagine? Animals are certainly better than humans in a lot of ways, and anyone who takes advantage of that doesn't deserve freedom.

Are you glad to see animal abusers finally getting jail time?


Image via Justice for Puppy Doe/Facebook

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