Pics of Mom's Disgusting Home Show That Toddlers' Deaths Could Have Been Prevented (PHOTOS)

samantha harperIn August of 2012, two toddler siblings died in the back of a sweltering hot car. Their temperatures at the time of their death? The thermometer maxed out at 107. After the horrific incident, their mother, Samantha Harper, was charged with two counts each of murder and aggravated child abuse, as she reportedly left the kids in the car, because she wanted to take a nap.

Harper's trial is set for February -- when, hopefully, if convicted, she'll never see the light of day again -- but now new details have emerged on the positively horrific death of these two children: Child Protective Services had visited Harper's house at least twice, yet never took the kids away -- and wait until you see pictures of her home. 

According to reports, "The children did not have beds and the walls in the room had food and feces smeared and splattered on them. When the children were found deceased they were found to have cuts on their hands and they were filthy." Harper's house has since been condemned due to its condition, and if you take one look at the photos of it, you will wonder how in god's green earth were the children living there never taken away? It's inconceivable to think that someone -- a professional or not -- could set foot in this filth, and then walk away, letting children continue to live there. This was as clear a sign as any that this mother was not fit to look after her kids. No mom's house is perfect, but this isn't a safe environment for children.

Apparently, Harper's story has changed a few times along the way. At first, she claimed that she placed her 2 and 3-year-old in the car and then went inside and accidentally fell asleep. She then said she didn't remember putting them in the car. But now she's admit that she does, in fact, remember putting them in the car. A relative of hers said that Harper never drove the car because it was broken.

I can't imagine this woman isn't going to be convicted, judging by the things she's said (who falls asleep after they put their kids in a "140 degree" car?!), and the state of her house. And if she is, let's hope she's given a jail cell as lovely as her home.

Here are more photos:

samantha harper

samantha harper

samantha harper

What do you think an appropriate punishment for Harper is, if convicted?

Images via Smyrna Codes Department



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fave82 fave82

I think she should be locked in a 140 degree car and left to die.

Ash3186 Ash3186

That is so horrible... she should be severely punished like the death chair

teddy... teddysmama09

This is so heartbreaking. Those poor children lived a short, horrific life and died a terrifying death. Nothing can be done for those babies now, but hopefully more will be done in the future for children in these situations. Too many kids are left with unfit parents because the parents just barely pass the requirements ( requirements that should be re evaluated if a house like this is deemed a fit environment for children).

lmh84 lmh84

Oh my god! That is terrible! The social workers need to be shoved in a hot car along with the mother!


I don't even know social workers do, because it doesn't seem to be watching out for kids whentoo many have fallen through the cracks and have died as a result. I realize they are "stretched to the limit",but I just don't understand when they have actually gone into a home and seen it, they still don't give a damn. What do they do these days? You have to wonder when you have a the woman running one of the offices with a son she chained/cuffed to the porch with a dead chicken .

eleph... elephantmamaof2

There is NO excuse. NONE. This is so so so sad. These children were failed. Their own mother, who should be their number on protecter, failed them. And the only people who could have stepped in to save them from their monster of a mother failed them as well. The mother should absolutely be sentenced to death, and child services should face punishment and investigations as well. Sad sad case all around, god bless those little babies.

candy... candyw210

That is disgusting! I hope she spends the rest of her life in jail in general population. They will handle her in there. Prisoners are not to keen on baby killers

Cathy Gerber Garten

Leave her lazy sick ass in a car for hours with the heat on in the summer heat.. an eye for an eye.. RIP sweet babies.. =(

the4m... the4mutts

I called CPS on a home that looked VERY similar to this a few times. The workers told me "A house being dirty, isn't the same as abuse or neglect" It was every bit as bad as this one. But because there was food, electricity, heat, and clean clothes for the kids to wear (piled on the stairs on top of cat shit) the living situation was deemed acceptable.

I tried telling them that living like this is indicative of other problems, and begged them to just THREATEN to take the kids away, and give the mom orders to clean up.... but no go

the4m... the4mutts

And no, the mother I reported, doesnt have any dead kids, but she's incredibly negligent, and I wouldnt be surprised if 1 or more ends up dead in the next few years.

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