Teen Who Killed His Dad Over Megan Fox Insult May Get Life in Prison

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Father and son relationships can be really deep and complicated. The one that existed between Jason Beckman and his father Jay doesn't seem like it was an exception. At age 17, the teen -- who reportedly has Asperger's Syndrome -- approached his dad to ask what he thought of actress Megan Fox. Who knows, maybe he wanted to have one of those fabled father-son moments where both can finally bond, like men, over the objective attractiveness of a well-known starlet. But dad's response -- that Jason wouldn't know what to do with a woman like Megan -- left the teen cold. And spurred in him a desire to plot and ultimately commit the horrific murder of his father.

Now 21, Jason was convicted of first-degree murder last night and faces life in prison. 

According to reports, the young man was so distraught over his dad's insult/joke that he planned how he could kill him. He procured a shotgun and fatally shot his police commissioner father in the face while he showered. Although his attorneys claimed the incident was an accident -- there were no witnesses to the murder -- an inmate testified that Jason confessed to the murder and even admitted he did it because of his dad's Megan Fox quip.

It's difficult to believe there isn't more to this story. How was the teen not found to have a mental disorder? It seems shocking that any person in his right mind would take a slight shot to the ego so personally that he would decide it was worth killing his own father. It's also sad to think that the man's Asperger's Syndrome may (or may not) have played a role in his decision making. Of course, we have no idea to what extent he suffered from this autism spectrum disorder, but most people with Asperger's are found to experience a demonstrated lack of empathy for others. 

But, in the jury's eyes, murder is murder and it seems if Jason did plot and plan this the way lawyers claimed he did, he was aware of his actions and should be held accountable for them. But considering how 45 percent of federal prison inmates show symptoms of serious mental illness, let's hope this was the right decision for all involved parties.

Do you think this young man should receive life in prison for killing his father?


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Movie... Moviebuff

He should get life in prison he plan it all out.

Eddie... EddiesMama1983

Mental disorder my ass! This kid was a cold-blooded murderer. 

nonmember avatar Alex

Aspergers or not, he is a murderer and doesn't belong with civilized society. Teen boys are becoming more and more violent and they say teen girls are more difficult. Yeah right!

nonmember avatar NoWay

Do not go and blame Asperger's Syndrome for this murder. My son has Asperger's Syndrome and he is not a murderer and he knows and understands death, etc. It's not an excuse. This man is a murderer ... PERIOD!

nonmember avatar krelia

i Hate mental disorders as an excuse. If your disorder causes you to kill people you need to be removed from society

sweet... sweetaspie630

Aspergers does not mean a lack of empathy.


What the fuck is wrong with you "The Stir" writers?! You all seem to find some reason for keeping some "child" out of prison. There's always the "mental illness" slant or they were brought up on the wrong side of the tracks bullshit. Get a grip and face the fact there are bad people out there and stop wussing out about it.

Rando... Randomlady

totally agree with you prima, to them they believe anyone under 18 who commits a heinous crime is innocent because they are young and dumb.

sandc... sandcastlelove

"most people with Asperger's are found to experience a demonstrated lack of empathy for others. "
Bullshit. People with Asperger's don't handle emotions the same way as everyone else, sure, but they certainly don't lack empathy. I'm an Aspie myself, and honestly, that really upset me. Do some research on Asperger's Syndrome, instead of making idiotic comments like that.

sandc... sandcastlelove


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