Mom of Boy Found Handcuffed to Porch in Horrific Abuse Case Is a Social Worker

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Wanda Sue LarsonA Social Services department supervisor and her husband have been arrested and charged with multiple child abuse charges after cops found one of their children handcuffed to the porch, with a dead chicken wrapped around his neck. Let me repeat that: a social worker. Was arrested for child abuse. Was someone in the wrong job or what?

Wanda Sue Larson heads up a Social Services department in Union County, North Carolina, and over the years, she and her husband have adopted four kids, plus they were fostering a little boy. Were until a cop responding to a call at a neighbor's house noticed the foster son, handcuffed to the porch by his ankle.

This is one of those cases where the alleged criminal's job really must come under the microscope. How could a social worker, a woman charged with protecting kids from abuse, have gotten mixed up in something like this?

Perhaps more to the point: if this is what was happening in Larson's home, what was she letting slide at work?

After all, if the charges against Larson and her partner, Dorian Lee Harper, are true, she was fine with unspeakable cruelties being committed against a child she had pledged to love. If that's OK in her eyes, what would she allow to happen to kids who weren't her own? What was happening to all the kids out there who were depending on the social worker to protect them? 

Hopefully this case will send folks back into her files to review her cases, but I shudder to think what they might find.

As for her home, all of Larson and Harper's kids have been taken from them. They've been charged with of intentional child abuse inflicting serious injury, false imprisonment, and cruelty to animals, plus Larson is facing charges of willful failure to discharge her duty as a public official.

Have you had a bad experience with a social worker? What happened?


Image via Union County Sheriff's Office

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nonmember avatar Chris

I don't see why anyone would be surprised! There are evil people in all professions.

worwa... worwalkerlds

She has probably letting nothing "slide".  The more families she puts into the system, the more funding she receives from the Government and the larger her paycheck is.  I'm wondering how many families lives she's ruined that are innocent, not the other way around.


Her ilk is not uncommon. Why do you think we have so many children that fall through the cracks? They simply don't give a rats ass

Brain... BrainyMommy

"Every child deserves a mother and a father." I wonder what this child did to deserve this pair.

MomoJL MomoJL

Worwalkerlds .... You obviously don't know how government funding works, so don't make things up.

This is a terrible story, and yes, like any profession, there are social workers who are not meant for this kind of work. But there are many, many dedicated and caring individuals that far outweigh the bad. People, don't judge an entire group based on one person. There are many stories of abusive parents, too - that doesn't make us all abusive.

Stashlee Stashlee

The article linked here said the handcuffed boy was a foster child and the other four children were adopted. Not sure if you used a different article than the one linked that had different facts or what but fact check please.

sterl... sterling21

This story is too weird. The boy hanfcuffed was the foster child and there were two children older than him. Plus the animals and other kids are perfectly fine and healthy. My siblings played cruel jokes on me when I was younger and this sounds more like the work of an idiot than two professionals. The other older adopted kids could have accidentally killed the chicken and were scaring the new kid into silence, or the new kid killed the chicken and the other kids thought they were helping by handcuffing him. Can we not burn these adoptive parents at the stake until a trial?

eeyore13 eeyore13

I had a social worker that was supposed to be helping me get services for my out of control twin boys (they were 3 at the time) tell my severely anxiety ridden one that if he didn't behave she was going to take him home with her and made them both sit in a time out for the whole 45 minutes she was there.  Needless to say I told them their visits were no longer needed and they should stop coming.  When I told my cousin, who is a social worker in  CA, she couldn't believe it and said it was totally against everything they are supposed to do.

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