'Hardcore' Hunter's Photo of Lion Kill Could Get Her Banned From a Country

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melissa bachman lionA TV presenter from Minnesota may find herself banned from an entire country because she couldn't help boasting of her latest kill. Melissa Bachman killed a lion on a hunt in South Africa and posted a photo of her kill on Facebook. Then she tweeted, "An incredible day hunting in South Africa! what a hunt!" South Africans were furious. Elan Burman of Capetown started a petition demanding that the government deny Bachman from future entry into the country. So far the petition has over 12,000 signature.

Hunting lions is legal in South Africa. But to Burman and thousands of others, killing a lion makes Bachman "an absolute contradiction to the culture of conservation, this country prides itself on." Lions are not on the Endangered Species list, but they are considered "vulnerable" and their numbers are dwindling. Conservation groups have been petitioning to have lions listed as endangered.

Bachman hosts a show about hunting called "Winchester Deadly Passion." Her website features several photos of herself smiling next to animals she's killed. If you're a hunting enthusiast, the photos may look thrilling. But for conservationists, they may send a chill up your spine.

Should a hunter be banned from a country for hunting an animal that's legal to kill?


Image via Melissa Bachman/Facebook

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ds79 ds79

What a waste of such a beautiful animal:( I can't even stand to look at her disgusting face!!!

Angie... AngieHayes

I will sign the petition, and I would also like to sign one for her to be shot and killed in the same way as this lion!


This lion did absolutely nothing to this bitch,and ds79 I couldn't agree more, the utter glee on her face is just disgusting.

kelti... kelticmom

That disgusts me! Is her family so hungry and cold that she had to fly halfway around the world to kill that beautiful animal for it's meat and pelt? No? Then she had absolutely no reason for hunting it down and slaying it other than the fact that it was "fun". Makes me sick.

nonmember avatar S.Smith

Let me start this off by saying I have nothing against HUNTERS..with that being said,she is not a hunter..a hunter is someone who kills an animal for food for their homes..people who sport hunt should lose their hunting rights,so should the ones who bait animals with corn feeders and such!!

nonmember avatar Nancy

Say what you want, but what she did was legal. Instead of signing some petition that will do no good (other than keeping one hunter out of South Africa), why don't you lobby South Africa to ban the practise (and stop all hunters).

candy... candyw210

would i do this? no, but what she did was not illegal. instead of banning her from the country ban the killing of lions if it's that important to them?

Fondue Fondue

Funny, when you go to the "Contact" section of her website, a message comes up saying it's no longer accepting submissions.  I imagine she was receiving a lot of negative feedback and doesn't want to hear it.  Someone who has no respect for life not wanting to hear anything negative about what she's doing?  Go figure.

socal... socalmommy13

Law has nothing to do with it. Its ethics. Killing a beautiful animal for your own bragging rights is disgusting! What a piece of crap. :(

nonmember avatar Disgusted

What a dumb bitch! Killing an animal for the purpose of taking a freaking photo and feeling like a big shot??!! Karma is coming for her. Be patient.

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