Bigoted Couple Refuses to Tip Waitress Because of Her Lifestyle Choices

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A cheapskate couple got out of tipping their waitress by convincing themselves that they were taking the moral high ground. Dayna Morales was left a disgusting, bigoted note about her “gay lifestyle” in lieu of a tip on a $93.55 bill.

A server at Gallop Asian Bistro in Bridgewater, New Jersey, Dayna wrote an email to the gay-friendly blog “Have a Gay Day” detailing her horrible experience. She also included a photo of the receipt, which read, “I’m sorry but I cannot tip because I don’t agree with your lifestyle & how you live your life.”


Dayna wrote:

NEVER in a million years did I think this would happen. Not only was it a family with two kids, but as I introduce myself and tell them my name is Dayna - the mom proceeds to look at me and say "oh I thought you were gonna say your name is Dan. You sure surprised us!"

I am THOROUGHLY offended mad pissed off and hurt that THIS is what her kids will grow up learning and that I served in the Marines to keep ignorant people like them free. Sorry lady but I don't agree with YOUR lifestyle and the way you're raising your kids but you didn't see me throwing that in your face and giving you shitty service. Keep your damn mouth shut and pray we never cross paths again.

I’m thoroughly offended too! What the heck kind of point did that couple think they were making? Do they really believe that Jesus took advantage of other people and then screwed them because He didn’t agree with their “lifestyle choices”?

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It’s even more offensive learning that Dayna served in the Marines. Nothing makes me want to clean someone’s clock like insulting a member of the military, because it’s that very person that served to protect your freedom to insult him or her.

It doesn’t matter what you think of someone else’s choices -- that’s between them and their conscience, not you. And if you really do believe someone is making a bad decision, the best way to convince them that they’re right is to show them hate instead of love.

Can you think of any circumstance in which you wouldn't leave a tip?


Image via Have a Gay Day/Facebook

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Betha... BethanyCO6777

While its PROBABLY true that they don't agree with her lifestyle for religious reasons, they never said that in their nasty note. You kinda made that leap yourself. And by doing so, are stereotyping. Yes, they're jerks, but its not ONLY peope who think Jesus hates gays that act that way. Just saying.

Eddie... EddiesMama1983

How would they even know she's gay unless she told them? Something isn't adding up here.

nonmember avatar april

eating and being served in an eatery is a business transaction. Tipping is part of that. You don't get to go into Target and pay for most of your items, but not all because you don't agree with the cashiers lifestyle choice. You don't get to stipulate that the money you paid for your goods not go to that cashiers paycheck. If you can't keep your own beliefs to yourself, don't go out to eat, because you may be served by someone who doesn't match your ideals. I notice they didn't ask for a different server to begin with, which makes me think that they weren't going to tip no matter what.

smurf... smurfielette13

My guess is she had a very short haircut and looked like a boy so they took it upon themselves to believe she's gay.

Happy... Happydad73

What if you had a server with neo nazi tattoos? What about KKK members, should you be tolerant of their lifestyle? If you say yes, then you must also be tolerant of these people and their lifestyle. If you say no, then you are not truly tolerant and have become that bigoted person that you are currently decrying. Funny how this 'tolerance' thing works, isn't it?

Elaine Cox

if this is real and not a fake like the n-word red lobster receipt or the fat kids get no candy for halloween letter then these people are pathetic

Elaine Cox dare you use logic and thinking

NatAndCo NatAndCo

If I had a kkk member or someone with Nazi tattoos, I wouldn't sit there and let them wait on me and accept their (I'm assuming) good service and then stiff them at the end simply because I disagree with them.

And on a side note, being gay/lesbian is not the same as being part of the kkk or a Nazi. One is a sexuality that affects no one but that person, the other is a hateful, CHOSEN association that says "you're inferior and shouldn't exist because you're not white and Christian". Really not even remotely or morally comparable.

chigi... chigirl1228

Happydad.. like someone mentioned above, if it was really offending me I would either request a different server or take my business elsewhere. Not everyone has to be tolerant of eveyone's lifestyle but the difference between neo nazi's and KKK and even black panthers and the ilk are their rights are protected under freedom of speech. Where as gays and lesbians and such are still fighting for their rights in many states.

Happy... Happydad73


Ahhhhhh, I see. So it really isn't about tolerance for people who are different, its about tolerance for the causes you support. If it truly was tolerance, you would be tolerant of all points of view. I never equated sexual orientation with neo nazism. I simply brought up extemes to see if people were going to be as 'tolerant' as they claim. But you have seen fit to 'stereotype' a certain group and therefore have shown the bigoted attitudes that are being decryed. I do not support neo nazis or the KKK by any stretch of the imagination, but I also have not claimed a need to be 'tolerant' of all other lifestyles and points of views.

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