Police Bust Giant Child Sex Abuse Ring & Rescue Nearly 400 Young Children

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police tapeToday, 386 more kids are free from a pornography scheme. Police busted a huge child sex abuse ring that involved 348 arrests, including teachers and doctors. They say the man at the center of this ring, Brian Way, had been running a business distributing child pornography since 2005. Apparently he'd been instructing contractors around the world to film children as young as 5 years old.

The sting, called Project Spade, was the work of police in Toronto, Canada, but they worked with law enforcement officials from the U.S., Mexico, Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong, and several European countries. That gives you an idea of how widespread this operation was. I have to say, I have mixed feelings about these stories.

On one hand, I'm relieved to hear that police have brought an end to something so horrible. I'm happy for the 386 children who will (hopefully) no longer be abused. I hope everyone involved will truly be held accountable. This story is good news.

But it's also depressing to know that such a large-scale operation was happening at all -- and that it involved teachers and doctors. Police say a teacher had installed a hidden camera in the school bathrooms. Another person arrested was teaching preschool. These are people parents trusted with their children.

You know that with 348 arrests, countless more people were just customers of this disgusting trade. It also makes me wonder how much else is going on that police are still investigating -- or that they don't even know about yet. A police spokesperson said this afternoon, "It is alleged that officers located hundreds of thousands of images and videos detailing horrific sexual acts against very young children -- some of the worst they have ever viewed." Again, so very glad this nightmare is over. But so sickened that it was happening at all -- and that there's probably even more happening right now.

Do you think we'll ever come close to ending child pornography?


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Marin... Marine101

Across the globe there are millions of pedophiles who take joy in exploiting children and young adults. It's sick that these people are even allowed to breath the same air as those of us who truly care for children, but that is the truth. The police and other law enforcement branches have been coming together to catch these monsters and put them away. If you log onto YouTube there is a page that contains a "little girl" named Sweetie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGmKmVvCzkw This is real life for many children all across the globe and knowing that law enforcement agencies are coming together and trying to track down the bad guys gives me hope that perhaps one day no parent will be afraid of letting their young child play in the front yard without you having to hover and look at people with suspicion. We have a long road ahead of us, and it won't be easy, but by coming together we've reached a new step. Also, look into DarkNet and read about how there was an impressive sting that nabbed some of the worst child sex offenders by pretty much infecting their computers with a bug and getting their IP address, thus arresting the bad guys. 

adopt... adoption2013

we'll never rid the world of predators of any kind.  The chances of rehabilitating a sex offender is very low and we don;t have the death penalty for child molestors.  In Canada not only do we not have the death penalty but the law refuses citizens the right to kill in self defense (although I doubt it would stand up to a Charter challenge).

Eliza Attwood

honestly they should just be shot. these ppl cant be rehabed.. just get rid of them

gmbarksd gmbarksd

not as long as there are pervs in the world. not as long as there are parents, relatives and trusted friends  doing this s_ _ _. not as long as this is   the only thing young kids know who are abused by adults, ultimately to keep on doing this. do i sound pissed? i have grandbabies i worry about.

Lauren Stroud Doherty

"Sweetie" is a computer generated "girl" used to catch predators not an actually child but its believable thats why it works they have caught many people using "her" google it and you will find the story that was just done on it

Kattey Kattey

I really wish we'd take child molestors/rapists and just put a bullet in them.

nonmember avatar Mel

We'll never end child pornography in the world. Just like the saying "sex sales" we dont look for any different. There will always be an audience. The truth is sickening but think of the grown men who date and have relations with younger woman. (Vice versa) Look at our world. Ageing is a privilege and shows so much maturity but still we want to look younger. Then look at our children, they want to look older than they should. All of this craziness i believe is happening because we don't have a strong household. There are so many single mothers and no real fathers in the picture like there use to be. Some people just dont treasure their kids anymore. Technology is their new baby sitter. And we all know what lingers there.

nonmember avatar Deniele

Im.staying in South Africa.Here by us our goverment claim to be verry strict on any offences against a child.But Ive seen and heard the accused sickos get away with a verry light sentece!Why not take completly off the streets or from humanity?

Deniele Deniele

Im staying in South Afrca.Our goverment claim to be strict on childrens rights.Ive seen and heard about this sickos that they only get a lighy setence.Why not take them out of humanity?

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