President Obama Admits Obamacare 'Fumble' But He's Got a Plan

President Barack ObamaThink the roll-out of Obamacare was a disaster? You might be surprised to find out who agrees with you. President Barack Obama himself. The president came out today in a White House press corps briefing to admit his administration "fumbled" the Affordable Care Act roll-out.

It was as close to an apology as you can get, and it's about time! 

But don't expect to see Obamacare disappear, y'all. Obama may have admitted today that he needs to "win back some credibility" from the American people, but he'd rather fix it than kick it aside.

One of the big fixes?


Obama had promised Americans they could keep health insurance plans if they were happy with them, but it turns out that only applied to plans in place before the ACA. Many plans bought since or modified since were being pulled by insurers.

The president announced the government will allow insurance companies to offer consumers plans that would otherwise be cancelled. Those plans will be grandfathered through 2014. Directing his words at folks who have received letters from insurers that said they'd be dropped because the Affordable Care Act changes their eligibility, the president said, "I hear you loud and clear."

But he was quick to suggest people turn to the government's health insurance marketplace just in case to see if they could find something better or cheaper.

Yes, that same marketplace that Obama himself said was a fumble.

It's getting better, he promised, noting that some 500,000 Americans do have health care because of it, including 106,000 people who successfully navigated the site to find health care and another 396,000 who have been able to get Medicaid coverage.

"We're going to solve the problems that are there. We're going to get it right. The Affordable Care Act is going to work," he said.

The question -- for most Americans -- is when.

Do you feel better knowing the president admits the problems with Obamacare? How long are you willing to wait for the White House to get it right?


Image via United States Government Work/Flickr

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