4 Marines Killed in Mysterious Mishap on American Soil

Heartbreaking 16

marinesHeartbreaking news out of California's Camp Pendleton this morning. Four Marines have been killed in a mysterious mishap on the camp's range, right here on US soil. The deaths come just days after the nation paused to focus on our veterans and the sacrifices they make for our freedom.

These tragic heroes -- whose names are being kept private as the Corps contacts their individual families -- add another facet to the discussion of what sacrifice and hero means for members of our military.

Going overseas into a warzone is often considered the scariest, most heroic thing a member of our military can do -- and for good reason. War presents unexpected dangers.

Still, that is only one part of what folks like these Marines give up for their country. They give up time with their families. They give up the freedom to pick and choose jobs. And they are often putting themselves in danger right here on United States soil.

These four Marines were working in a range area used for live-fire exercises. The Corps has confirmed their deaths did not occur under live fire, but a spokesman indicated they may "very possibly" have involved unexploded ordnance suddenly detonating.

The very fact that we have four Marines who are dead hammers home how dangerous that job is, even if it isn't in the middle of a warzone.

Just a little something to think about next time you're talking about the heroes in our military.

Our hearts go out to the families of these Marines.

Do you think it's fair to use the word hero here?


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Mary Mallek

Just making the commitment to fight for our country makes them heros. God bless them all, on our soil, or foreign soil.

nonmember avatar Rachel

I think it is okay to use the word hero. I would be upset if it wasn't used. Even though they weren't deployed they were still serving our country. They had a servants heart to serve this country.

Shirley Colagerakis

Why would it be wrong to call these Marines Hero's ? No matter where or what, these Marines lost their lives while training to protect out Country! So Sad.

Christine Wienke

Of course Hero applies here. It applies to everyone who puts on the uniform and makes the commitment to protect our nation against all enemies. Every Veteran is a hero and should be treated as such. Military families make great sacrifices and should be supported.

nonmember avatar Mordred

Are those that killed them, or allowed them to be killed, heroes? I think not.

Pamela Coker Pruitt

Uh YES, Hero is an appropriate word here! They signed a blank check up to and including their life, and they paid the ultimate price! So yeah, Hero should be used in describing them!!! Praying for the families of these fallen heroes!!!

lobus lobus

Yes. These men were training. My husband is a airborne and everytime he jumps out of a plane for training I worry. He could die or be seriously injured, and it's all for the end goal, the mission, when he leaves. It's just as important. 

nonmember avatar Jessica

I'm the wife of a disabled veteran that was injured at Dyess Airforce base while loading planes with bombs to go over seas during Operation Enduring Freedom lsomething went terribly wrong with the plane and started tipping backwards while being refueled so he rushed to the emergency shut off panel and while unscrewing about 200 screws to shut off the fuel he had jp8 fuel pouring all over him and never thought about how it would effect him he just did what he could to save the plane and not cause a huge explosion he ended up saving hundreds of lives and millions of dollars and we have had several fights til this day to get some benefits he would have received if he was deployed overseas but since this happened state side he does not receive the same benefits or medals so he received the highest medal he can get state side and a letter of recognition for his actions and we were told he would have got a Purple Heart if he was deployed so yes he is a hero and I feel these marines are too but to our military will not honor them like our heroes overseas because it was stateside.I wish more state side heroes would step up and fight for the same recognition that deployed military receive. This really needs to be addressed it is unfair to those that serve to be. "Discriminated" against because of location.

LawNO... LawNOrderMommy

These men, these Marines are heros no matter where they died. They were willing to give their lives for this Nation and that is exactly what they did. The worst excuse of service members being denied rightful benefits is the victims of the terrorist attack at Ft. Hood. The incident was labeled a work place shooting thus baring both the survivors and the dead from the benefits and honors they deserved. They were also heros but their plight has been swept under the rug. Dying or being injured on the home front doesn't make you any less of a hero.

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