3 Students Shot Outside High School in Pittsburgh

There was another shooting Wednesday afternoon, this time at Brashear High School in Pittsburgh. Thankfully, no one was killed, but three students were shot -- two 17-year-olds and a 16-year-old. The three are described as friends, and witnesses say they were walking to the car they drove to school earlier that day when the gunmen opened fire.

Six suspects, including a small child, have been taken into custody for questioning, but police have not released any information on their involvement.


Cops say that just after school let out, “three men wearing all black came out of the woods and fired off shots before retreating into woods at about 2:50 p.m.”

The incident is believed to have some connection with another event that took place on October 18 -- a possibly drug-related fight. Police say that they believe it was “in retaliation” and that the victims are not cooperating with them.

Two of those kids narrowly escaped death -- the bullets grazed their heads -- so it’s sad to hear that they’re not cooperating.

After being shot, one of the victims made his way back into the school and was found bleeding in the gymnasium. Pittsburgh school district spokeswoman Ebony Pugh said that the shooting did not occur on school grounds, just close by.

Lt. Kevin Kraus said the shooting "has nothing to do with the school ... it just happened near the school" and that more police officers were originally dispatched than needed due to the chaos and confusion of the students.

I for one would much rather have an overreaction to people being shot at in the school parking lot, and I’m glad to hear Pittsburgh public safety director Michael Huss say, "We train on this, we plan that reaction when that call goes out, you go and neutralize it.”

Pittsburgh Public Schools Superintendent Linda Lane stated that both Brashear High School and the adjacent South Hills Middle School will be open on Thursday, but “on modified lockdown for the remainder of the week.”

Pittsburgh Public Schools board president Sharene Shealey said, "It's just really sad that children can't go to school and be safe. I hope they catch whoever did this. I hope those kids are OK, and I'm praying for their families."

Do you fear for your kids’ safety when they’re at school?


Image via Gordon Loesch/Twitter

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