Woman Whose Son Was Abducted as a Toddler Finds Him as a 37-Year-Old Man (VIDEO)

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A mother who was robbed of witnessing her child grow into a man now may finally get to meet him -- as a 37-year-old. David Amaya was reportedly abducted by his father when he was a toddler and taken from the U.S. to Mexico. There, he was reportedly told that his mother had abandoned him, and fled from Mexico to the U.S. Imagine this man spending his entire life thinking his mother had abandoned him. In reality, his father had reportedly kidnapped him and taken him over the border. Though mom Kathy Amaya has been searching for David for decades, she never found him. Until now.

Kathy explains that it all started when her ex-husband picked up David from Kathy's sister's house -- and fled the country. Police said there was nothing they could do as David was in Mexico.

Thirty years later, she got a strange phone call. Border patrol in San Diego was telling her that someone named David Amaya had been caught trying to cross the border. The agent didn't believe he was a U.S. citizen -- but he was eventually let in when they were able to track down a birth certificate.

Horribly, David wasn't even kidnapped so his father could have him all to himself -- he reportedly promptly left him with his grandparents, who raised him, and rarely saw the boy. This is a man whose father apparently deprived him of both parents.

David, who only speaks Spanish, told NBC 7:

My father told me my mother had left me abandoned and orphaned. I don’t know my mother, and I find out she’s been looking for me for 30 years, and I have the longing to meet her for the first time.

He and his mom haven't been reunited yet, as he is trying to raise the funds to get to Wisconsin, where Kathy and her other children live.

Kathy says that she learned David "doesn't hold anything against me." Hopefully, these two can be reunited soon. It probably won't be all roses at first -- there's a lot of history here, and David may harbor a lot of pain. But hopefully they'll eventually feel like mother and son again.

Have you ever been separated from your child against your will?


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mrsjk... mrsjksimmons

Aww what a sweet story. I hope he can find a way to earn money to meet her. They deserve it. It's better late than never.

Heather Smith Robles

There are a lot of questions im sure this man has and never will be answered. Like Why was he taken from his mother to only be dropped off with grand parents. He does not know either of his parents. It sounds to me like the father might be even mentally ill, not thinking with a full deck. Is the Father still alive? I'm personally glad that the border agents caught him trying to cross the border. If they had not he would be roaming all over the country not knowing he was a missing person. 

pirat... piratepixie

my son was also taken from me by his father, i really hope that it doesnt take 30+ years for me to see him again. reading stuff like this really makes me hate men even more!

Penel... PenelopesMom

Somebody buy this guy a plane ticket!

Jessy76 Jessy76

I am so happy for this mom. It gives me hope that someday my husband will be reunited with his son who was taken by his mother over 11 years ago. It is insanely hard to wake up every day knowing your child is out there somewhere and you have no idea where or how they are.

nonmember avatar heather b

I have had my daughter taken from me and I have seen her 3 times cause her father keeps taking off with her well she is now 14 and I get her friday so excited

Julia Daugherty

That is awesome so happy that there no hard feeling between them, it would be a good Thanksgiving for mom and son.

Darlene Coking Borggreen

Perhaps www.wishuponahero.com" can help with the cost of a plane ticket. I hope they see this.

Danny N Heather Hughes

Sad story, with a happy ending! My husbands daughter was taken from him after he raised her until she was 8 and he has not seen her since...she is now 14. The mother remarried and we believe he has adopted her. Like this story her mother has fed so many lies to the poor girl. Makes me so sad to hear stories like this...

Fawnb23 Fawnb23

Really took that baby from his mama just to abandon him in another country to let others raise him what a piece.

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