Cruel Woman Who Berated Cashier With Asperger's Doesn't Get the Last Word

cashierChris Tuttle, a Wegmans cashier with Asperger's Syndrome, was recently berated by a rude woman who evidently had super important things to do and places to be. The woman, who hasn't been identified, apparently yelled at Tuttle for not being fast enough, calling him "too slow," and left the line mid-checkout to find his manager so she could file a formal complaint. After the woman left the line, Tuttle became so shook up that he dropped a candle, which shattered all over the floor. Tuttle, who's worked at Wegmans for seven years (not as a cashier), was then removed from his post. According to a Facebook post his sister wrote, Chris remained upset for the rest of the day.

Jamie Tuttle-Virkler, Chris' sister, wrote:

What this woman doesn't know is that 10 hours later, Chris told me the story as if it just happened, he was just as stressed and just as upset. She has no idea how damaging her actions were ... to one person. Part of Asperger's is the inability to move on, to not be able to wrap his mind around the fact that this woman isn't worth it. To hear him tell the story, your heart will break. He doesn't understand why someone would be so nasty to him and for him, he takes it personal.

After much discussion with the whole family last night, he doesn't get that some people are just like that. Some people are just unaware of how their actions effect others and how their rudeness needs to be ignored and that it has nothing to do with him. I tell him all the time, some people will "get you" and some won't. The people that "get you" those people are your friends, focus your energy there.

So, basically this rude woman didn't realize just how much this would affect Chris. Or maybe she did and didn't care? I'm going out on a limb here and surmise that this lady isn't the softest, cuddliest person on earth, because even though many of us have grown impatient waiting on checkout lines, I don't think many of us have ever exploded on the cashier. It takes a special kind of person to go there.

Although this story is both heartbreaking and enraging, there is a silver lining. See, Jamie asked people who regularly shop at Chris' Wegmans to stop in and tell him what a great job he's doing -- and they have. People also have left Chris over 12,000 messages of support on his Facebook page, and by Monday evening, Jamie's post had over 77,000 likes and 12,000 shares. Kindness trumped rudeness, thanks to the Internet, which, ironically, usually is the home of rudeness.

Hopefully, Chris is back in better spirits, and he realizes how valued he is at Wegmans. And hopefully the woman who caused this whole thing will be inspired to be a little more patient when she's shopping for candles.

What would you do if you witnessed something like this? Have you ever witnessed something like this?


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Happy... Happydad73

This is one of the heartbreaking realities of life. For those with processing or emotional difficulties, front line work may not be ideal. Is this fair? Absolutely not!! But that does not change the fact that incidents like these can and will happen. If someone isn't equipped to deal with these things, is it fair to that person to put them into situations like that?


The woman was a bitch, but you can't expect someone to know when someone is on the spectrum. Unfortunately it's the price of doing business.When I did cashiering, believe me there were assholes a plenty. My favorites had to be "I'm in a hurry" well come the fuck in earlier. Retailers do not make customers schedules ,  nor are they responsible for managing their time.Everyone would like to be in and out in a heartbeat but sometimes it just isn't going to happen;like when there are millions of coupons to scan or the person who wants to get rid of all their change and you have to count pennies,nickles and dimes.

Diane Roncoroni Quirk

to my own son in a Rite Aide~the manager was "fired~" should have known better than to treat a client like that (specially with his family right there~) haha

lulou lulou

i get more annoyed with stores asking folks to open credit cards at the register

and targets stupid family cart design.  I like lowes.  I look for winter boots that wont get chopped off in a cart, in the cold, putting my kid back in the car.

nekoy... nekoyukidoll

It's customers like this why I refuse to work in retail ever again.  I'm deaf and I had countless customers get angry at me and call me a "stupid college student" whenever I made a mistake.


Brenda Sanner Williams


Todd Vrancic

You really need to take a step back and keep in mind the "slow" cashier isn't doing it to ruin your day.  He or she may be training (nobody is born knowing how to work a register,) or maybe he or she is tired, having an off time, or just momentarily lost his or her rhythm.

Sheena Jones

I worked as a cashier at walmart. People can be mean and downright rude no matter what you try to do. I remember a time I was ringing up someone's clothes and they yelled at me for taking to long to fold the clothes to bag. Then in the next sentence berated me for taking too long. :|  Also just trying to bag the groceries properly (although I know not all cashiers seem to have mastered this skill) sometimes people would get mad about me putting the bread ontop of the eggs. They actually told me the bread would crush the eggs! Then proceeded to put the bread in with the canned goods. LOL. We need to have patience with our cashiers and understand they are standing there in one spot for hours at a time and eventually will slow down due to fatigue. Also yelling at anyone is unaccaptable behavior for anyone! We spend so much time teaching our children this, yet some adults seem to have forgotten that lesson.

the4m... the4mutts

Look, Im sorry this guy's feelings got hurt, but maybe he needs to not be a cashier. People are people, and shit happens. If he cant handle his post, due to a rude customer, then he needs to go back to stocking or whatever.

If anyone else started breaking products, and under performing for their shift, just because a customer was rude, they would probably be fired.

Im all for people with special needs having jobs and opportunities. 100%

But give them something that they can handle. He obviously cant handle this.

Samal... Samalama319

Not just retail, anywhere where you have to deal with customers. I work in a hotel and I get yelled at all of the time over really stupid stuff. Just a shame that this young man has a condition that makes it difficult for him to shake it off. Virtual hugs to you, sir.

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