Autopsy of Black Teen Shot in White Neighborhood Confirms Fears

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doorbellThe sad news keeps on coming out of Detroit. Cops now have the autopsy report on Renisha McBride, the black teen shot when she rang a doorbell to find help in a predominantly white neighborhood after a car accident. The shooting has already drawn a lot of national attention for its possible racial motivation, and the medical examiner's report isn't going to quiet the outrage -- that's for sure.

Renisha's death has officially been ruled a homicide by the medical examiner's office. What's more, they say she was not shot in the back as some media reports had indicated.

Renisha was shot in the face, but the shot did not come at close range, according to the ME's report.

The latter fact would seem to coincide with the 54-year-old homeowner's alleged claim that he accidentally fired his gun when investigating what he thought might be a break-in. It will be up to cops to determine what's fact and fiction there, and the prosecutor has promised they are weighing whether charges are to come.

The former finding, whether charges come or not, confirms fears we've had from the moment this story broke. It certainly sounds as though Renisha was doing exactly as described over and over -- standing there, facing the house, waiting for help. She was looking at this front door, expecting some kindness, and instead was answered with a bullet that claimed her life.

Accident or no accident, this finding indicates Renisha's face was to the door, that it should have been clear who was at the door -- a young girl, not an intruder. One would think that seeing a young girl, a clearly scared and hurt young girl (she did just have a car accident after all), would be reason enough to put down the darn gun!

Unless this really was racially motivated?

What do you make of the final moments for Renisha McBride? What should cops do now?


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nonmember avatar jazz

they've made such a bad name for themselves, so don't cry now.

cassi... cassie_kellison

Wow Jazz, So I should just sit back and let people think that because I am white as I assume you are, that I am also an ignorant a$shole like you? I don't think so.      Don't let the actions of some cloud your views of a whole race. I refuse to be lumped in with you, that's for sure.

nonmember avatar Alexandra

Stupid people transcend race. He would've shot anyone knocking on his door. It's ridiculous to answer a knock with a gun in hand, loaded and ready to go. That's the problem with guns, you can't test for irrationalities when you buy one.

nonmember avatar Kathy

I agree with Jazz. There are 0 black people where I'm from.. and if one came beating on my door I would do what I had to do to protect my children, too. It is unfortunate that he couldn't have waited a couple seconds to find out what was going on .. at the same time it's unfortunate that so many black people take advantage of situations like this, act like they need help etc just to victimize us whites.

tiafez tiafez

Kathy, please don't include me in your "us  whites" comment. I'm ashamed of your "us" mentality. People are people, end of story. 

nonmember avatar Alexandra

Wow Kelly! So no black people live anywhere near you? Hmm I'll go with it, but exactly how does someone determine knocking on a door (esp. a youngish girl) means that it's a threat to you and your family? You and your family are obviously the big threat; advocating the shooting and killing of anyone who doesn't look like you.

Someday, you might get out of your lily white area (who knows, maybe you can take a vacation someday) and see that other people who don't look ike you could care less about you and not want to hurt you or your family.

The only crimes committed against me (1 mugging, and 1 breaking in my car) were from nice white boys. Too bad the white on white crime isn't made more known, bevcause it's there! I'm proof.

Daisy... DaisyJupes

I don't understand how it being ruled a homicide confirms anything. It confirms that she didn't kill herself, die from an accident, or die from natural causes...which we already knew since the homeowner says he shot her. It being ruled a homicide doesn't mean he committed first degree murder and doesn't rule out manslaughter. It's just a term for death inflicted by someone else.

Katha... Katharine205

Hmmm, I think a little more investigation needs to be done here.  Yes it's stupid to answer the door with a loaded gun but if it went off by accident than it's not murder and I'm failing to see where race comes into this.  Yes she's black and he's white but where is the evidence that he shot her because she's black?  Jazz's comment was asshole-ish but ms danielle yours isn't much better. 

chigi... chigirl1228

Weird... I was going to say that it's a little too early to say this was racially motivated but seeing some people's comments... clearly that could have very well happened. People really answer doors loaded when a black person knocks? That's a shame really. A sad reality i guess. If you are that frightened dont answer the door. Have the gun ready and call the police. I bet if people took this route instead of shooting people in the face then asking questions they wouldn't be facing murder charges...

nonmember avatar Alexandra

Guns don't just go off accidentally like that. Someone, this man, had a loaded gun, went to answer a door with the gun pointing to the door, and noew if someone wants to argue that it accidentally went off because he's an idoit, then ok but bear in mind, the gun didn't load itself, jum into the man's hand, aim itself at the door, then decide to go off. This is where responsibility comes into play.There are many responsible gun owners out there and these stories highlight the irrationality, fear, and general stupidity of SOME gun owners.

Point of clarication, 2 people here made it about race (Jazz and Kathy)and that' what others are responding to. Some mother is going to bed every night without their precious child (no matter the age she is someones baby) and that is a tragedy.

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