Convicted Baby Killer Released From Jail After Serving Just 5 Months

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baby cribDarwin Costello was just 4 months old when he died of massive injuries, including skull fractures, internal bleeding, bruising, a fractured spinal cord, retinal hemorrhaging, and a fractured elbow. Now the man convicted of killing him, his own father, is walking free. Ryan Costello was sentenced to 30 years in prison for killing his baby, but he has walked out after just five months.

Got that? There's a baby killer on the loose, and this isn't one of those OMG, prison escapee, alert the media kind of situations. The state of Florida actually just let this guy go free. Why?

Because Ryan Costello is appealing the manslaughter conviction. So they're letting him live with his mom during the appeal.

Gee, a guy who was serving 30 years in prison says he didn't do it? Where have we heard that before? Oh, right, from just about every single person who has ever been sent to prison, ever.

Maybe Costello's appeal will be successful, folks, but a jury convicted him of multiple felonies here -- not just manslaughter but one count of Neglect of a Child Causing Great Bodily Harm, one count of Tampering With Evidence, and two counts of Neglect of a Child Without Great Bodily Harm. After beating his 4-month-old child to the brink of death, prosecutors told the jury that Costello rushed him to the hospital, handed him to a nurse, and then went home! He didn't even stay with the little guy!

When cops got to his house to find out what was going on, they found out he'd left an older child, a toddler, alone when he did his hospital run, and oh, yes, by the way, he had a marijuana grow house.

The guy doesn't exactly scream solid, upstanding citizen even without that pesky manslaughter conviction.

Letting a convicted felon go free just because he's appealing is not something that happens often, and for good reason: appealing is something any criminal can do. It doesn't mean they're innocent. It just means they are exercising their legal right to appeal. If we let every guy out of jail for his appeal, the jails would be empty.

But what's especially horrifying here is the vicious nature of the crime Costello was convicted of committing. A jury found him GUILTY of beating an innocent 4-month-old to death.

Let's just assume that the first jury got it right here; he is, after all, a convicted man. That means there's a violent criminal who has literally been let out of prison for awhile.

That's not fair to little Darwin. But it's also not fair to society at large. What happens if Ryan Costello explodes again?

What do you think should be done here? Should this convicted felon be at home or in jail?


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pippi311 pippi311

it figures it's in Florida

Tendr... TendrelovinMaMa

Florida is so messed up. Child abuse is rampant there, seems that everyone gets away with abuse there. I'm Not sure though what growing marijuana has to do with this story. Smoking or growing doesn't make you a bad parent. If you are a bad parent or child abuser it isn't because you smoke pot. Its because you a cowardly evil piece of shit.

adamat34 adamat34

Yeah since your being pro drugs has do with it.......drugs alter your altered behavior....this guy is trash...lock him up another 30 yrs for the drugs.

Rose Blankenship

Adam....I have never encountered a person who smokes pot.........kill anyone............they might steal a bag of zoritos when it comes to having the is what I would do.........had that been my child and he was let out...........he wouldn't make it to his appeal.

Courtney Wild

People that smoked pot and killed people:Ted Bundy, Richie Chase, Night Stalker, James Holmes.  I am not saying that marijuana made these people kill.  But as someone that has worked with people that have mental health disorders, it is often used because "it makes them feel better," but in the end does not fix the problem.  

nonmember avatar Jess

so I guess all the moms who have a few glasses of wine or dads who enjoy beer are trash ie bad parents since it alters the mind?

Magic... MagickalMommy

I think he should be in the ground...not jail or home.

Jessica Bennett

i think this guy should be locked up i have three kids of my own i would never let anyone or anything hurt them no matter what and a 4 month old needs justice even though he is not here and he is not old enough to speak up for his self

nonmember avatar pothead

maybe a pothead will bury him before he goes back to prison where he belongs.

grous... grousseau

When I first read the blog I was outraged. Then I dug a little deeper. There were alot of reasons the judge felt it was a goid idea to bond out Costello. Like the judge felt there was not enough evidance to convict in the first place. The jury disagreed though. So what do you do? If Costello did kill that sweer baby, then yes put him in a cage or better yet put him in general population. However, if he was wrongly convicted ( and that happens alot) he should of course go free. Oh and you witches that had nasty things to say about Florida, just stay away if you don't like my home. Florida is a wonderful place and a great place to raise a family.

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