Daughter Gives Father 'Health Drink' That Ended Up Killing Him In Minutes

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blue glassAn awful mix-up happened in one family's home leaving a father dead after drinking what he thought was a health drink. Romano Dias, 55, was given what they believed was a fruit-based health drink by his daughter Katee. Katee had been delivered a package in the mail to her home in London months earlier that contained the liquid. It had the correct address but the wrong name. She kept it thinking she would return it to the post office, but forgot. Eventually she gave it to her dad.

Her father drank about half a glass of the contents when he immediately began to feel ill. He said it tasted awful. His throat immediately began burning and then he said, "I am in trouble here. I am dying. I am dead." And moments later he was. It was later learned that the drink may have been sent by a real-life Walter White from Breaking Bad.

It wasn't a health drink, but it was pure methamphetamine in liquid form, which worth was believed to be about 55,000 American dollars. Romano's daughter Katee had no idea the drink would kill her father -- she had no idea it was drugs -- it was all just a horrifying mistake.

Crystal meth is apparently rare in the UK and investigators believe the delivery to Katee's home was an attempt for drug dealers to introduce the very addictive substance overseas. Detective Inspector Ian Simmons reported, "I would say it is highly likely it was destined for a dealer. It is unique, this is not an event that happens in Cambridgeshire or elsewhere.  This was a completely unaccountable and unforseen chain of events."

The packaging the meth was delivered in has long been tossed in the garbage so investigators may never know its origin. Dias' tragic death has been ruled accidental. And sadly a daughter is most likely dealing with guilt in addition to the loss of her father.

Have you ever kept something delivered to you accidentally? Does this story make you re-think doing that?


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nonmember avatar JC

Why did the daughter think it was a health drink instead of a cleaner? The article is missing some important information. I am sorry for her loss and hope she isn't overcome with guilt, poor woman.

Sarah Ray

yeah um why would you give anyone something you didn't know what it was or where it came from?? I have a feeling we are missing a lot of this story

the4m... the4mutts

I got cookies and brownies delivered, wrong address, and wrong name. Was supposed togo to a neighbor down the street. When I took it to the correct address, she said the post woman already tried to deliver it to her, but that's not her name, and she never ordered anything from anyone.

I contacted the USPS, and they said that they assumed the house number was a typo, and mine was the next closest. I got suspicious and opened it. It had 3 cookies and 2 brownies. Each "home made" and individually wrapped. Not like the kind a car company or real estate agent might send out as a thank you.

I DEFINITELY wasnt going to eat them, but I was curious and opened one. It didnt smell "right". It felt extra grainy, and smelled almost like asprin. I called my local PD to pick it up, and later when they got back to me, about 2 weeks, they said the baked goods were laced with ecstasy. They suspect that dealers ship things like this, hoping to grab it from a random person's doorstep, before its taken inside. So they can sell it on the street, but there's no record of it going to them.


Fucken A Mutts!!! Thats crazy!

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I feel there's something missing too. Why give someone a random drink that was shipped to you seemingly by mistake?

Twice... TwiceTheMommy88

Like most of the commenters here, I would also like to know why this woman thought it was a health drink...was it labeled that it was a health drink? Please tell me there was some kind of label that included ingredients so at least she thought she wasn't blindly giving her father something toxic. I feel so bad for this girl and her family, especially her father but...why would you ever consume or have someone else consume a mysterious substance sent to you by accident (or maliciously sent to you, it seems in this case)? I too would like to know the missing bits and pieces of this story...

Kayla Cubbage

She shouldn't have held onto someone else's mail to begin with. If it was not addressed to her specifically she shouldn't have opened it. Secondly, considering she had no idea what it was, what in the world possessed her to give it to someone to consume, what if it had been a child! Very sad unfortunate event which could have been avoided with some common sense.

IHear... IHeartCake

I'm so truly sorry this man died.  I do have to say that this story makes no sense.  How do you forget to return a package that has someone else's name on it to the post office?  What made the father open the package instead of returning it to the post office?  What made him think the unlabelled container inside was a health drink? And why would anyone send $55,000 worth of a drug via the postal service?  And why would anyone send $55,000 worth of a drug and not be absolutely sure they had the right address?  And how is it possible to send meth through the mail without it being detected?  The entire story makes no sense at all.

hopea... hopealways4019

Wonder how much insurance money she got?? The perfect crime?

Kyler... KylersMommy416

I read this several times trying to make sense of it, but I am still so confused. I'm so sorry for the loss of life. But it does seem like a part of this story is missing, and there is no link to the original story....

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