Man Who Bragged About Raping Kids Justified His Acts in Most Twisted Way

handcuffsSadly, we no longer have to wonder what the face of evil looks like. These days there are too many examples. Among the most heinous has to be Ryan Firoved. When we first heard that name a year ago, he had been caught trying to arrange sex with his girlfriend's 9-year-old daughter. This was not his first such crime. He had even bragged to her about a past attack. Stomach turning. Now, thankfully, Firoved has been found guilty of attempted first-degree child rape and is awaiting sentencing.


What is so disturbing about this man is that he actually believes he is not as bad as other men who want to have sex with children. "I guess you could say I am a pedophile, but at least I am not a predator. People come to me and I make it consensual," he once told his girlfriend.

Sick. Just sick. But he isn't the only pervert who tried to rationalize their deviant, criminal behavior. Just a few weeks ago we reported the twisted story of 77-year-old retired radio host David Herman. He was caught in a sex sting when he thought he was meeting up with a 6-year-old girl. To him, 6 was the perfect age to begin "loving" a child. It's despicable. But as hard as it is to listen to these guys explain away their actions, it provides valuable insights for those of us trying to protect our children.

These aren't wild, reckless, or impulsive criminals. It seems that in many instances, their crimes are thought out and planned. To them, what they are doing is not evil, not criminal, but natural. Even as adults, we have to remember that this kind of evil can come cloaked in a seemingly harmless exterior. The people around them had no idea what kind of sick beings they are. It's just a frightening reminder that we have to be careful about who we invite into our lives.

What do you think is a parent's best defense against these kinds of monsters?


Image via Victor/Flickr

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