Cops Taser Dad for Desperately Trying to Save His Dying Son (VIDEO)

dad tasered by copsAs far as heartbreaking stories go, this is as bad as it gets. A desperate father was tasered by cops while his son died in a fire. Ryan Miller of Louisiana, Missouri woke up to find his house in flames recently, and like any parent, he immediately headed for his toddler son's bedroom so he could grab him. However, flames and smoke prevented Miller from getting to his son's room; he ran out the back of the house so he could enter the home from the front and get to his child's room from a different angle. Miller got to the front of the house and kicked in the door in an effort to save his stepson, but he was quickly stopped. According to authorities, Miller had to be restrained after he became combative. According to a relative, a stun gun was used on Miller three times -- twice while he was handcuffed.


Like with any controversial story, the debates about whether the police were right or wrong are raging on in every comments section on the Internet now. Some feel that they were right to do what they did, as they prevented another fatality and probably saved their jobs, their pensions, and possibly getting sued. Others feel that they were drunk on power, and using a stun gun (three times) wasn't necessary. Miller's sister-in-law thinks that the police were "heartless" for not trying to save the boy themselves, instead choosing to "stand around, waiting for the fire department." I can see both sides. But as a parent, my heart is completely broken for Miller. Could you imagine being in his position? Being forced to stand idly by while your toddler died one of the most horrible deaths a few feet away from you? While no one does anything? One commenter even wrote: "If it were my son, I would rather die in the fire trying to save him."

Sadly, firefighters weren't able to save the boy, who was "only maybe 12 to 15 feet from the front door," so clearly this was an extremely dangerous situation that needed to be dealt with by professionals. But I can't help but wonder how much the multiple tasering was necessary. It's bad enough Miller was in this positively horrific situation. Did authorities really need to violently incapacitate him like that?

Regardless of what position you take, I think we can all agree on one thing here: Miller just experienced a situation that is truly as horrible as it gets. So even if you're on the cops' side, you shouldn't be against Miller. What parent wouldn't try to save their kid?

Thoughts and prayers to the family.

Do you think the cops were right or wrong to taser this father? What would you have done in this situation, if you were him?

Image via khqatv/YouTube

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